Eye Infections Research Paper

Eye infections can be described as being ailments that are primarily caused by either bacterial or viral agents. Additionally, there also exist some fungal agents that are also responsible for the cause of eye infections. However it is worth noting that eye infections are caused by different things that also call for the use of different treatment processes. The eye is a single unit that is subdivided in to various sections and parts and each section is bound to get infected at some point in time due to their vulnerability.

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The eye infections can either occur on one side or even on both eyes. Moreover, the age of an individual does not matter when it comes to eye infection. Anyone of any age is vulnerable to eye infections. Some of the symptoms that can occur in a person who has got infections include irritations, reduced vision and discharge from the eye. For the above mentioned symptoms, the treatment process would differ depending on the type of infection and the cause of that infection.

Causes of eye infection

One of the causes of eye infection is the conjunctivitis that is mostly witnessed among children especially those in the day care centers as well as classroom environments. Conjunctivitis is normally a type of infection that is spread in children through the either a viral or a bacterial process (Adams, 1979). Furthermore, it is possible for kids to pick the conjunctivitis infections through birth if the parent had been a victim of sexual transmitted infections at the time of giving birth.

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Another cause of eye infection is the lack of enough supply of oxygen to the cornea of the eye especially for those who wear contact glasses. Additionally, those who use contact lenses may suffer from eye infections due to the bacteria that build up on their eye contacts lenses when they are not cleaned up in the correct way as it is required. One of such type of infections is the trachoma that is mostly witnessed in the developing or third world nations.

It is believed that the trachoma infections can result at times result in blindness if it is not handled properly.

There is the viral keratitis that occurs primarily due to the victim getting exposed to the virus that is known as simplex virus. The fungal keratitis is majorly common for those who use contact lenses. The fungi that is responsible for the infection is called fusarium fungi that normally exist in the form of an organic matter. That fungus can find its way into the eye through injuries like the ones caused by a scratch from a tree branch.

Since there has been a large increase of eye infections especially for those who use contact lenses, it is appropriate for them to get lessons on how to take care of them through conducting thorough cleaning. Additionally, the lenses should have the discard date that is prescribed by the manufacturers. The date of discarding such lenses should be included alongside the expiration date of the same.

Defense mechanism

The eye is normally capable of defending itself from infections through the use of the eyelids that serve to protect the eye from ocular surface. The lashes are normally responsible for the involuntary blinking of the eyes, a process that protects the eye from airborne particles. Additionally, the blinking of the eye is also triggered by the tactile stimulation of the cornea of the eye. Apart from that, there are the lipids that are normally secreted through the meibomaian glands. The glands are responsible for the stability of the tear film (Smolin, 1996). Finally, the eye protects itself from immune diseases through the supply of the vascular to the front surface of the eye.

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