Statement of Work Example – CONTRACT AND PROCUREMENT

Statement of Work

This procurement offers a chance to the potential bidders to carry out the process of relocating our headquarters that are located in point A. The headquarters need to be relocated to a new site B that is located around four kilometers from where the current headquarters is located.

Potential bidders are hereby required to explain how they are going to carry put the whole process, putting in mind that the size of the current headquarter occupies a 100 square meters of land. Additionally, the successful bidders should explain how the office equipments will be fitted in the new office that occupies a land of 1600 square meters.

The transportation facilities that are going to be used to carry out that process should also be stated keeping in mind that the current office has fifteen desks together with their associated chairs. Apart from the chairs, the facility also has three sofas and ten arm chairs as well as three coffee tables that also need to be transported to the new site.

There are also other small items that will be packed in small cardboard boxes that will range from 120-160. Furthermore there are close to fifteen computers that will also need to be transported to the new site. Each computer has its own monitor. Finally, there are thirty four framed pictures that must also be ferried to the new site where they will be used.

Bidders are therefore to explain how they are going to facilitate the transportation and relocation of the above mentioned equipments. One factor that all bidders must know is that there is limited finance to facilitate the exercise. To be precise, only $ 100 dollars is available for the process. So those who wish to be considers for the exercise should have their budgets not exceeding the mentioned figure.

Finally, the exercise should be completed within a span of six hours due to the busy nature of the organization.

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