Facilitating Strategy Formulation – Sample Paper

Strategy formulation is the process by which an organization chooses the most appropriate courses of action to achieve its defined goals (Saylor Foundation, 2012).Interpersonal skills are living skills that are used when communicating and relating with other people on a daily basis, either independently or in groups. Intrapersonal skills refer to capabilities or talents that one possesses in his/her mind and assist him/her in tackling problems.This paper examines some of the interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills and tools that are of benefit in strategy formulation. It further integrates stakeholder input and effectively navigates the effective steps of this part of the strategic planning process.

Problem solving is one of the interpersonal skillsand itencompassesinvolving others toidentify,describe and find solutions to problems.Businesses exist in a dynamic environment that is affected by various macro-environmental and micro-environmental factors that some may create problems (threats) to the business.In the process of strategy formulation, problem solving skills helps an organization to carefully look at the dynamic environment and to be ready to face possible threats.Decision making skills is another interpersonal skill that can be of use to strategy formulation process. It involves exploring and analyzing options to make informed decisions. In strategy formulation, SWOT analysis tool is used to categorize business environmental factors into two; internal as strengths(S) or weaknesses (W) and those external as opportunities (O) or threats (T). This information is helpful in matching business resources and capabilities to the competitive environment during strategy formulation and be able to choose the best course of action. This involves making decisions and therefore decision making skills are put into use.

Additionally, intrapersonal skills also play a big role in ensuring that strategy formulation process becomes successful. These are talents and abilities that aid an individual in approaching a particular issue. Intrapersonal skills are categorized into adaptability and self-management

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