Government’s Role in Protection of the Environment

The United States government role in protecting the environment has taken precedence in the setting up of the environment protection agency, which deal with the lessening and control of pollution in the water, air, solid waste pesticides and noise. The EPA together with other related governmental bodies and relevant groups help the government to deal with mitigation of environmental pollution. The EPA sets various rules and regulation governing the emissions and disposal of waste be it solid or liquid waste. The different offenders in the industry are given a period on which to change their activities stop conform with the required standards set by the EPA or else face the consequences of punishment or loss of license.

Air pollution involves the burning of fossil fuels and releasing smoke into the air as one instance. The smoke in turn contributes to increasing in greenhouse gasses, which gradually cause global warming. Therefore cutting down on emissions from the use of fossil fuels to produce energy is vital for the mitigation of global warming the conservation of energy. The major stakeholders are the government. The government in such as case should protect its people from as much harm as possible.

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