Group Policy Application Verification Tools

GPResult is an example of a tool that can be used to verify that the group policy is working as desired. The tool has the ability to report any applied Group Policy settings on a computer device. The tool is applied through the use of PSExec.exe that runs interactively within a remote computer. RSOP.MSC GUI tool can also be utilized in checking if the Group Policy Objective settings are running as anticipated. With the GUI tool, an individual can easily ascertain if any problems exists when it comes to the application of Group Policy Objectives from the domain controller in the Active director. Registry editor tool can also be utilized in checking if the GPO is functioning as desired. The tools identify the applied GPOs based on the fact that applied GPO policy settings are stored in the registry.

An individual can target group and computers to obtain policy settings by linking a single Group Policy Objective to multiple domains, sites, or organization units (Vance, Benjamin Lowry & Eggett, 2015). After linking the GPO, every object available in a container will obtain the settings of the Group Policy Objective by default. Utilizing organization units is regarded as the most common group policy scenario for deployment. In this case, the user will target the group and computers to obtain the policy settings through separating an organization unit then establishing a link between GPO and Organization Units to come up with a consistent form of configuration for all the available OU members. The linking process can be carried out at the same time that an individual creates the GPO. On the other hand, a person can design an unlinked Group Policy Objective and later create a link manually after testing and finalizing the settings.



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