Hand-Arm Vibrations (HAVS) And Their Long-Term Issues

Describe hand-arm vibrations (HAVS); what are the long-term issues an employee might have if vibration sources are not corrected?

Hand-arm vibrations (HAVS) are symptoms that arise from vibration damages in the arms, hands, and fingers as a result of operating vibrating machinery for prolonged periods. HAVS generally fall into three categories namely, musculoskeletal, vascular, and neurological disorders(Pitts et al., 2017). Musculoskeletal injuries can take the form of tendonitis, arthritis, and changes in muscle fibers. The long term effects are reduced mobility, impaired grip force, and pain. Vascular HAVs affect capillaries in the victim’s hands and fingers, which further results in blanching. Lastly, neurological injuries bring about tingling and numbness in the arms, hands, and fingers. Neurological damages can develop into irreversible injuries, causing prolonged limited dexterity and sensibility.

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