Healthy People 2020 Diabetes Objective


The selected healthy people 2020 objective is to reduce diabetes mellitus as well as the economic burden related with it. This is aimed at improving the life quality of individuals who are at the risk of or suffering from diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that develops when the body fails to produce enough or to react suitably to insulin. Insulin in this case is a hormone used to regulate the level of glucose in the body. Without insulin motioning system proper functionality, the level of blood glucose increases. This results to other body metabolic abnormalities an aspect that contributes to severe disabling difficulties (Healthy People, 2014). This paper focuses on identifying behavioral, environmental, and biological risks contribute to diabetes health risks of a family.

Diabetes Risk Factor

The development of diabetes type II is highly determined by the individuals’ behaviors, environment and biological aspects. Diabetes mellitus is highly associated with obesity which is contributed by individual eating habits and the lifestyle.  Individuals who are fond of eating carbohydrates and junk food are at high risk of developing diabetes type II irrespective of their age. Thus, even obese children have a high risk of developing diabetes. In addition, physical exercises are very important in burning extra fats in the body. Therefore, families who develop the habit of participating in physical exercises reduces their risk of developing diabetes type II, while those that do not take part in physical exercise regularly increases their risk of developing this condition ( Pletcher et al., 2002).

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There are genetic factors that contribute to the development of the diabetes mellitus. Moreover, race is also regarded as the risk factor for diabetes mellitus. In addition, individuals with close family members suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of developing the same. This indicates there is a biological factor influencing the development of diabetes type II. The main environmental risk factors for diabetes type II include a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. In this regard, increase in the rate of diabetes has highly contributed to the increase in the cases of diabetes mellitus. The intrauterine environment is an essential type II diabetes risk factor. Studies have demonstrated that low birth weight which is a sign of fetal malnutrition is related with type 2 diabetes in later life (Pletcher et al., 2002).

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Phoenix Arizona Public Health

Phoenix Arizona is facing a number of public health challenges. Some of the major, public health problems in Phoenix Arizona include cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke among others. These, health issues have cause a number of problems in the society one of them being economic challenges. Some of these health issues such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease may survive for a lifetime. In addition, they are quite expensive to manage since they may also require a change of lifestyle among other expenses (Arizona Department of Health Services, 2013).

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For instance, diabetes requires a change of diet and employing more effort in physical exercise among other things. It also requires regular medical check-ups and purchase of medicine to ensure that the patient is stable. This highly cost the family members a great deal of their earning. This changes their lifestyle negatively due to expenses involved in the management of the disease. This also increases the level of stress in a family as people struggle to fit an endless medical condition. Some of conditions particularly stroke may increase patient’s level of dependency and thus denying the families an opportunity to learn their businesses as normal. This increases the level of stress and poverty in the family.

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