Community Health Assessment – Diabetes Associated Deaths – Wayne County

Community Health


Community health assessment helps a country’s Public Health Department to understand the health needs of a local population and to come up with ways on how to improve them. Through community health assessment, a country can distinguish the needs of the community from those of individuals, which is crucial in better planning and health care provision (Wright, Williams and Wilkinson, 1998).


The community that will be used for analysis in this paper is Wayne County, New York. Wayne County is one of the counties in New York that has recorded high rates of adult deaths in the recent past. The Public Health Department of Wayne County is charged with the responsibility of identifying the health priorities in the community.

Demographic and epidemiological data

Wayne County, New York is located on the Southern Shore of Lake Ontario. According to United States 2015 census, Wayne County has a population of 92,685. The county has been experiencing rising number of deaths resulting from chronic diseases. In the year 2015, 28.5 percent of adults died as a result of diabetes in Wayne County (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015).

Windshield survey

From the demographic and epidemiological data provided above, it is clear that many deaths in Wayne County are caused by diabetes and diabetes-associated problems. The main factor contributing to this problem is poor access to health care services. Due to lack of proper guidance, many people suffering from diabetes have difficulties managing the problem.


The priority health concern for Wayne County in New York is poor access to health care. This is a priority concern because it is the main contributing factor to high death rates that are observed in Wayne County. One of the actions that the Public Health Department of Wayne County should take to reduce the number of diabetes-associated deaths is increasing access to health care as one of the Healthy People 2020 objectives.


High percentage of deaths in Wayne County, New York occurs from diabetes. Both female and male adults are at risk with the main contributing factor being lack of access to medical care. The best way to address this is to increase access to medical care in order to fulfill one of the most crucial Healthy 2020 objectives.







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