Moonshots for Management – Questions And Answers

  1. Explain which one strategy from the “Moonshots” article that you believe best represents an important direction for management in a round-the-clock, nonstop global world.

The moonshot strategy of management that points to the management serving a higher purpose is very important (Hamel, 2008). Companies are not only made make profits and benefit their shareholders only, but they are made to stay profitable at the same time meeting the desired goals set by the company. Purpose, as a result, gives the company vision and the way forward on how to remain profitable while catering to the customers and dealing with the employees. Profit making cannot wholly drive people towards working and putting in their best and thus making the company a success. The purpose of why a company stands can help the company stand in times of adversity, and thus, it ensures that people in the organization and other resources are mobilized towards achieving the purpose of the enterprise. The management thus can ensure that the workforce understands and knows the purpose of the organization, which as a result will ensure that they do not towards the company’s goals and objectives (Hamel, 2009). The management in using the strategy will ensure that the workforce in its operations both internationally and globally understands the vision, mission, and aims of the company and thus provide an environment where everybody knows what he or she should. Such direction will ensure that the company does not lag in performing its functions globally, internationally and domestically. More companies are entering the global business stage and, therefore, should significantly understand how they can define their various functions that can steer the company and ensure smooth operations in every area of the enterprise.



  1. Explain how this strategy can better prepare organizations today for changes underway.

Forming a purpose that the management can use is quite important. Domestic and international business has faced many changes and challenges that are constantly evolving. Furthermore, more companies are being formed, and the market forces are changing than ever before (Birkinshaw et al., 2008). Technology has greatly affected the way companies operate as some may totally sell their product on the internet while others may use conventional way to conduct their business. Global and international businesses, therefore, need to have a purpose that does not concentrate only on profit making but on the welfare of the employee and customer. A management that puts in place a purpose will ensure that it drives it workforce towards achieving the goal of the company. All resources will thus be directed towards ensuring that the company maintains a working environment that is consistent with providing important operations are prioritized, and that will help the company to succeed in the respective market. Since there are many businesses that are similar regarding products, for instance, Coca-cola and Pepsi, which specialize in similar products like juices and carbonated drinks, it is of great important to ensure that the purpose of the company is clearly stated to ensure that the company has a competitive edge in the market. Purpose that is clearly defined and easy to understand ensures that the workforces follows the meaning of the letter and thus meet the goals of the company.

  1. Conclusion

The purpose of a business or organization is crucial towards any goals that anyone individual or organization may want to achieve. Purpose explains why a company is in existence and further on how to reach the stated objectives of the enterprise. Therefore to be effective in the marketplace companies should focus on coming up with well-defined goals that will help towards achieving a particular end. Therefore, it is important for the various companies to ensure that they state their purpose clearly and consequently the goals that they intend to meet to direct the workforce effectively.










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