MGT630 – The Nine Principles of Sustainability Performance – Allot Communications


Allot Communication deals with communication and networking and is a company situated in Israel. It is a fast growing company that has spread abroad having many branches internationally and deals in providing communication and network services. The company  mostly deals with the empowerment of networks and helping companies to optimize and monetize their networks while improving on the use of technology (Donnellan et al., 2011).


The various business activities in the organization are conducted by officers a six-member board directs the business operations by delegation to the officers who are in charge affairs and business in the company. The board includes a chairperson and a chief executive officer. There are two committees, which assist the company in overseeing various operations.


The company’s code of ethics is applied to address all the top executive members who include eh chief executive officer, controller, and chief financial officer. It further states their duties and conflicts of interest that may arise together with precise and fair disclosure and other obligations in reporting any untoward activities that include fraud, illegal activities among others.


The company ensures transparency of its operations by ensuring that various statements on the accounts especially profit and loss. The profit and loss enables the company together with the shareholders to know its progress. As such, the company gives vital information that the various players including the government can use in the economic operations.


Business Relationship

The company engages in business operations that are fair and has not been reported as engaging in evil practices. It engages in business practices that ensure the sustainability of the environment. The business in its quality policy commits to be accountable and responsible for its employees and other suppliers in getting its supplies. A company is ISO certified and has a management system that analyzes all its business practices.

Financial Return

The company has further maintained profitably and thus become one of the most profitable companies in international markets and hence the shareholders and the company workforce can get better financial returns about returns on investment and remuneration respectively. The company is on NASDAQ and other foreign stock exchanges especially Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

Community Involvement/ Economic Development

The company maintains a community engagement to ensure that its operations do not pollute the environment and thus cares for the community. It mostly helps the communication by providing new applications and services that increase communication and provision of networks. As such, people benefit greatly from the improved services (Panigrahi, 2013).

Services and Product Value

Allot deals with high-quality service providers in coming up with products that help the end user significantly particularly in the supply of communication and networks services. The company aims to enhance digital services through the high-performing platforms and integrated services (Natsios, 2005). They help provide services that boost digital users experience through improvement of service provision. Telephone companies and other technology companies can obtain broadband solutions and networks at a cheaper cost.

Employment Practices

The company is ISO certified and thus has significantly met the needs of the employees and the environment as a result. The employees are behind the success of the business and have greatly benefited regarding compensation and changes in lifestyles as the business has increased its profitability over the years.


Safeguard of the Environment

The company ensures that its operations do not affect the environment negatively. The company is ROHS compliant and thus ensures that its electronic components have safe if not levels of hazardous substances. It has ISO 14001 that shows its compliance with international standards on the safeguard of the environment by companies (Epstein & Buhovac, 2014). It has an efficient management system that deals with environment issues affecting the business’s operations.





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