MGT515 Operations Management and Overall Business Goals

Operations Management and Overall Business Goals


The selected company in this case is Apple Inc. Apple, Inc. is an international technology company which was established in 1977 by Steve Jobs and two more cofounders who included Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. The company engages in the marketing, manufacturing, and design of mobile communication, portable digital music players, personal computers and media devices. The company provides services and products under the Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, and Mac brands , professional and customer software applications under watchOS, iOS, X, and OS brands. It also provides operating systems under the Apply and iCloud Pay brands. Apple Inc, operates via a number of segments which include Japan, Americas, Great China, Europe, and Rest of Asia Pacific. The company has its headquartered in Cupertino, CA. The company has established various retail stores in various parts of the world and it recently established an online distribution and third parties to enhance sales and distribution of its products (Finance.Yahoo, 2016).

Operation Function of the Business

Operations management of Apple Inc. involves the employment of 10 operation management decisions to guarantee that all business aspects are running smoothly. These 10 decisions associate to aspects such as inventory management, product design, location strategy, quality management, capacity and processes design, maintenance, scheduling, human resource and job designs, layout strategy and design, design of services and goods. The 10 operation management decisions in Apple are implemented carefully via coordinated determinations in product development and design, marketing and sales, and the supply chain of the firm, along with other business areas of the company. The success of the apple decision making process is also enhanced by effective management in the company. Apple contains dedicated senior management team, which handles the measures implementation to handle the 10 operation management decisions. Thus, the company contains great performance in efficiency maximization in operations management (Rowland, 2015).

Apple has enhanced its manufacturing process through outsourcing. The company makes use of economics of scale in manufacturing process and supplies purchase. It also attempts to sell the product via its marketing efforts. The company does a few customization and centers on few lines of production that provides it with a great advantage with regard to cost reduction and manufacturing capabilities. The company produces in large capacity an aspect that provides it with a negotiating edge with its logistic agencies, contractors and suppliers. The manufacturing process is also highly aided by research and design department employed in the company to enhance in product innovation and improvement. This department plays a great part in ensuring high quality products are manufactured and that the company addresses the customers demand, taste and preferences as required. The company also contains demand forecast which plays an essential role for operations of Apple and it is in a position to predict demand at every store location. This assists in lowering the company’s production risk. This also assists in guiding the company in lunching frequent product. The company’s suppliers are tightly held at a close distance though their involvement in the deal is highly determined by volumes that a supplier can provide. The higher the volume the greater the chance of being involved (Johnson et al., 2012).

Apple contains great distribution network and great operation efficiency. This distribution functions backs the marketing effort and the company. In this regard, the company does not experience leakages during it distribution. Apple stores acts as the final destination of the company’s distribution chain. Thus, Apple stores have a strategic duty in attaining the anonymity and also in offering buying experience. Due to high volumes of production and distribution, the company obtains high discounts in air transportation and thus, this contributes highly in the development of its responsive supply chain. The company also employs information technology which assists in tracking all its shipments. It also ensures concealed packaging which plays an essential role in leakage prevention. This assists in ensuring successful execution of an effective logistic and distribution exercise.

Apple company management  has applied great effort on research and development. The company has heavily invested in research and development which assist it in developing innovative and new products periodically and has developed innovative company image. The main company’s philosophy is to use excessively where needed and obtain the advantages in later stages. The company’s innovation is not just limited to features of the product but also on operational enhancements. Apple is able to develop architectural innovations in component manufactures both software and hardware dominated in the industrial space. The department efforts include product aesthetic aspects development and media and networking integrated features which would improve user experience (Johnson et al., 2012).


Apple company is an international company involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and design of mobile communication and computer devices. The company was established in 1977 by three cofounders. Since its establishment, the company has been developing unique, high quality products which are highly preferred by its customers. The company management team employs its effort to ensure effective designing of goods and services, research and development to enhance quality, effective manufacturing and distribution of goods among other operation. The company success has highly been enhanced by effective management strategies which has played an essential role in the company’s success.

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