Human Resource Management Principles Vs Operations Management Principles

The principles defining the management of HR (human resource) and those defining operations management (OM) are at times seen as conflicting. Owing to the different orientations of the principles, HR departments and OM departments are seen as working at cross purposes, and potentially subjugating organizations. In a business, OM principles primarily seek to have the business achieve increased profitability, as well as productivity, meet set deadlines, and hasten its processes in cost-effective ways. OM heads reports general managers, customers, directorial boards, and other parties especially on organizational productivity (Hill, 2012; Martin, 2006).

Theoretically, HR management is not driven by such parties. The principles on which they operate are not significantly focused on having businesses achieve increased profitability, as well as productivity, meet set deadlines, and hasten their processes in cost-effective ways. Rather, the principles are deemed to be held to higher and more challenging rules and objectives according to Botin (2009). Essentially, the principles relate to organizational adherence to applicable laws, maintenance of effective balances between protection and productivity, and the safeguarding of the interests of organizations and their staff.

HR management is not as focused on profits along with results as OM is. Regardless of this difference, in some organizations OM processes and HR management processes are tied together. That means that the organizations view the principles underlying the two as compatible. Operational HR staffs oversee the organizations’ daily operations, which are critical in addressing staff needs (Hill, 2012; Martin, 2006). Usually, the staffs are in top administration cadres according to Botin (2009). Their roles, as well as tasks, are commonly highly obvious to employees since they zero in on everyday work concerns stemming from ongoing staff needs.

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