How enterprise systems help businesses achieve operational excellence


How do enterprise systems help businesses achieve operational excellence?

How do supply chain management systems coordinate planning, production, and logistics with suppliers?

  • Define a supply chain and identify each of its components.
  • Explain how supply chain management systems help reduce the bullwhip effect and how they provide value for a business.
  • Define and compare supply chain planning systems and supply chain execution systems.
  • Describe the challenges of global supply chains and how Internet technology can help companies manage them better.
  • Distinguish between a push-based and a pull-based model of supply chain management and explain how contemporary supply chain management systems facilitate a pull-based model.

 How do customer relationship management systems help firms achieve customer intimacy?

  • Define customer relationship management and explain why customer relationships are so important today.
  • Describe how partner relationship management (PRM) and employee relationship management (ERM) are related to customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Describe the tools and capabilities of customer relationship management software for sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • Distinguish between operational and analytical CRM.

What are the challenges posed by enterprise applications?

  • List and describe the challenges posed by enterprise applications.
  • Explain how these challenges can be addressed.

How are enterprise applications taking advantage of new technologies?

  • How are enterprise applications taking advantage of SOA, Web services, open source software, and wireless technology?

Define social CRM and explain how customer relationship management systems are using soWhat are the unique features of e-commerce, digital markets, and digital goods?

  • Name and describe four business trends and three technology trends shaping e-commerce today.
  • List and describe the eight unique features of e-commerce.
  • Define a digital market and digital goods and describe their distinguishing features.

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