Success Criteria for Implementation of Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems are normally employed in an organization with intention of enhancing business operation. They assist different companies to keep up to the current demand in the market and to remain highly competitive. However, when not effectively developed or implemented, the enterprise system may introduce a number of operational challenges in an organization. In this regard, this memo is written to inform you of various success criteria for enterprise systems implementation

Enterprise system is considered successful if it manages to change or to improve the management process as well as the organization culture. To attain the developer should focus on developing user acceptance and positive staff attitude toward the new system. This can be attained through training, seeking the management support, communicating benefits of the system to the employees and employing other possible measures to reduce resistance (Arshah et al., 2013).

Customization and reengineering of the business process is another criterion that can be employed to ensure successful implementation of the enterprise system. This step should take part before the implementation of the enterprise system since it enhances the process of analyzing possible structural modification. This is basically done after a feasibility study that guides on the possible aspects that may need to be restructured to implement the system.

Another criterion involves the combination of skill and members in enterprise system implementation team. The organization in this case should ensure that the enterprise system team incorporates individuals with both technical and business knowledge. It should also ensure that the team leader has the authority recognized in the entire organization as well as the power to make decisions. Team members should also be encouraged to take full participation in the project to enhance balancing in implementation of ideas.

The next criterion is ensuring effectual project management. This idea refers to the continuing implementation plan management. It entails defining the project requirement, training, planning stages, allocating the responsibilities to different members as well as determining the success measure (Nah et al., 2001).

The next criterion involves ensuring effective communication. This must begin with communicating the plan to implement the enterprise system to the relevant stakeholders. The organization must also communicate goals and expectation of the enterprise system effectively to all individuals in the organization that will be affected by the change. To enhance effective communication, the CIO should develop a communication at the beginning of the project, use simple and understandable language and centralize information to ensure common understanding.

Project champion is another criterion that determines the success of enterprise system implementation. Commitment of project sponsor is critical in driving consensus and to supervise the whole implementation life cycle. To enhance this, the project leader should champion the project in the entire organization. In addition, the leader should be responsible of managing resistance and resolving conflict to ensure success.

The final criterion in this case is effective software selection. According to Prathankiat (2010), there is a major association between the selected software and ERP implementation success. Businesses require beginning with definition of processes in an organization and establishing function which is crucial to the operation. For successful implementation, it is essential to understand that the selected system has to match with the current system process. In this regard, an organization must think of the central business function.

To ensure successful implementation of an enterprise system, the CIO should ensure that above highlighted criteria have been addressed.

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