How Technology Impacts Work Relationships

Technology is being extensively embraced to enhance business operations in the world. Most organizations are relying on technology to enhance communication among workers and between workers and the managers, to monitor performance and to give real-time feedback. Other technology applications include provision of cloud based training and digital checklists. Technology can be used to enhance good and quality communication between workers and their employers which makes it easy to air grievances direct to the managers, without passing through the supervisors. Technology makes it easy for workers to have an open communication to the managers and also to have instant feedback, or further discussion. This improves workers trust in the system and also makes them to feel valued, especially since their issues are addressed on time. Performance analysis and real-time feedback makes it easy for workers to devise plans to improve their performance before it deteriorates further (Bahreini, 2017). It also gives them a chance to monitor the effectiveness of their work strategy and make changes where necessary. Managers can also assist in setting goals and defining strategies to attain them. When workers see their managers investing in assisting them to improve their performance they are likely to develop respect and trust toward them. Performance improvement plan can also be done by investing on workers training on aspects that may need to be improved on, aspect that makes workers to feel valued and hence increasing their respect toward the management. This fosters positive relationship between the workers and the management.

Some forms of technology application can also be used to strain the relationship between the employee and the employer. This can actually be perceived in matters related to workers privacy and spending of the working time. The extensive use of technology in the workplace increases the chances of use of working time to accomplish private businesses. There increasing cases of use of mobile devices to handle personal issues or to socialize, especially through social media. This can be one reason for poor individual performance and in most cases it provokes conflicts between workers and supervisors. Extensive exploitation of company’s resources that include internet and mobile devices by employees for personal business does not only resulted to misuse of the companies’ resources, but also wastes of company’s time. This technology initiated behavior has resulted to the employment of surveillance at the workplace as a counter measure to the issue. Disciplinary actions are taken based on surveillance results, especially if an employee is found wasting company’s time on personal activities.Employees surveillance is however not positively embraced by workers. Most of them feel that it is invading on their privacy(Chang, Liu& Lin, 2015). Surveillance is also considered to acts as a sign of managers or company’s lack of trust on its workers. This creates a strained relationship between workers and the management, killing the free will to employ extra effort to enhance organization success among workers. The idea of being tight monitoring also creates tension among workers.

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