How Employee’s Rights Impact Work Relationships

All workers have primary rights in the workplace which influence how they are treated or must be treated at their workplace. These rights include right to fair compensation, right to privacy, rights to certain benefits and protection against discrimination based on age, gender, nationality, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, race, and disabilities among others. Workers are normally very careful in ensuring that their rights are respected as per the law and that the organization is committed into respecting these rights. Observing workers’ rights gives an organization an opportunity to build a favorable work environment where everyone is respected and valued despite of diversity. An organization that is highly committed in observing and respecting employee’ right enhances a positive relation between its managers and workers and also among workers. This kind of organization demonstrates value of its workers, who in turn demonstrate their satisfaction to the organization through positive performance.

On the contrary, an organization that fails to observe workers right imposes a strenuous relationship between the workers and the management, since the workers tend to use the provided channels to force the management to comply with the law. This initiates a battle between the workers and the management, resulting to extreme measures such as litigation, strikes, and joining of labor union among majority of workers in quest to acquire power to fight for their rights. Poor workers treatment through discrimination and poor compensation also make workers to feel less valued, an aspect that demotivated most of them. This eventually results to poor general workers performance. Acts such as poor compensation and company’s inability to respects workers minimal benefits such as annual paid leave, and sick leave, inversion of workers privacy and discrimination may initiate workers hostility as they try to fight for what is rightfully theirs. To some extent, workers may initiate legal actions against the company, which results to huge penalties that may not be positively received by the management. This may result to continuous conflicts between workers and the management and also reduce the organization performance (Zhao& Zhang, 2010).

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