HR and SWOT Analysis of Reyes Fitness Centers


This paper will summarize the role of human resource (HR) management and SWOT analysis in the operations of the Reyes Fitness Centers, Inc. The human resource department is the fundamental section of any organization. The nature of workforce in a given organization determines the productivity in the company (Caputo, 2013).SWOT analysis complements   the human resource department in different ways. It enables the HR to devise mechanisms that will enable the company to overcome all business related challenges and compete favorably in the market.

Purpose of the Paper

This paper will examine the strategic role of HR in business management. This will be examined using an action plan that will use business techniques like the Gantt chart and the SWOT analysis. The paper will also identify the mechanisms of evaluating the recommendations from the action plan and the risks of failing to implement the recommendations

Summary from the Presentation

On the role of HR in the operations of the company, effective human resource management incorporates all the stakeholders of the company. Reyes Fitness Centers(RFC) need to use human resource domainsthat will help it to have elaborate and strategic human resource management approach that will help the company to achieve its strategic goals (Haile &Krupka, 2016).

Successful human resource planning and management process should bring all the stakeholders on board when making important decisions of the company. Talent among employees should be encouraged to promote productivity (Sparrow, Brewster  & Chung, 2016). The welfare of the employees should be the driving force in production. Technology is also necessary in organizations. Organizations should move with new innovations in order to meet the demands and references of customers.

The SWOT analysis on the other hand, will help the human resource department in RFC to examine the strengths and weakness of the company. The HR management will also understand the opportunities open to the company and the possible threads the company face in the market (Haile &Krupka, 2016).

The company should use the SWOT analysis is the monitoring and evaluation of its operations. This will give the management a chance to evaluate whether the objectives of the company have been achieved. It offers the company a chance to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the company and make necessary adjustments.

Recommended Action Plan

The action plan recommended here will be guided by the actions, the individuals to carry them out, the duration of the plan , resources needed and the means of coordinating all these actions. The action plan should be complete, precise and up to date. The action plan should address the opportunities available for RFC in the market today. The recommended action plan is based on the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) below. It gives the necessary steps that the management of RFC need to follow in order to complete the project (Ebert et al., 2014).  It gives information about the start, progress, duration and the important steps needed to complete the intended project.

Significance of PERT Chart

PERT chart is important in all types of projects. It give managers an opportunity to monitor the progress of the business project. The following is a sample of the chart


It has stages that must be followed in order for the business project to be successful.

  • Stage 1: at this stage, the manager need to examine the project to identify all the steps that seem to be necessary in the process
  • Stage 2: this defines the necessary tasks to be completed before commencing the whole project
  • Duration: A well planned project must have the duration needed for it to be completed.
  • Defining critical parts and suggesting remedies to the challenges that may be encountered.


The evaluation of the project will be done following the steps and the stages in the PERT Chart. The managers will find it interesting and easier to evaluate the progress of the company (Snipes et al., 2016). Evaluation will be done by comparing the progress of the current project and the expectations in the initial plan

Risks for lack of Implementation

A successful business must implement the recommendations from the business research. The recommendations will enable RFC Company to be competent and successful. Lack of implementation exposes the company to potential threats that hinders production. A business becomes prone to debts (Ebert et al., 2014).

Strategic and administrative role of HR

The strategic importance of HR is to enable the company to have a competitive advantage in the business market. The business strategy can only be successful if the HR management if business oriented.  In administration, the HR controls all the duties and conduct of the employees. It is important to the company because it assigns employees to tasks depending on their skills.

Resources Needed for Transformation

Business strategic planning is an involving venture that needs well experienced personnel, time, capital and moral support. Before engaging in a project, the management of RFC should ensure that the resources are enough to cater for all stages in the action plan. Time should be allocated depending on the activities of a given stage (Ebert et al., 2014). Otherwise, more time should be allocated to the stages that are critical and involving.


In conclusion, an effective action plan enables the human resource department of RFC to understand and make constructive decisions that will help the company to prosper. The SWOT analysis will help the management to ensure that their action plan is well organized to overcome challenges associated with business.

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