Human Rights as interpreted from the Bill of Rights

Human Rights as interpreted from the Bill of Rights

For this assignment, you will write a paper of 5-7 pages.

1) Write an essay of 5-7 pages in length that examines the nature of U.S. citizen’s rights in the last half of the 20th Century based on interpretations of the Bill of Rights. As your evidence for this

examination, use documents that we have read and/or discussed in class; this can include one amendment from the Bill of Rights. Four of your documents should fall into the time period of the

Warren Court (1953-1969).The best essay has a point of view or thesis that is laid out in the first paragraph, relies on the documents to make your case, and ends with a conclusion demonstrating

how your evidence, the documents, proved your thesis. Remember to date your documents. Be sure to space out your documents so that you include the entire time period that this question


For of these essay topics, remember to answer the question and use specific details from the documents! Use these examples to illustrate your points regarding the issues you raise (for

example, specific aspects of due process). Draw on Urofsky and Finkenstein, March of Liberty to provide more detail about the documents and the events surrounding them. You may also use

events from the handouts and information from your lecture notes to further explain the meaning of the documents, but this paper’s focus is on the documents themselves.
As with your exam, you will be citing the documents. For this paper, you will cite using the author, the name of the book in italics, followed by the page number (Waldrep and Curry, Constitution

and the Nation: Establishing the Nation, p. 123). On the documents handed out in class, please use information from the citations written on them. To cite lecture notes or class handouts, use the

following citation: (Lecture notes, History 471, March 21).
Please put your name and the class title on the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Use double spacing, font size12, and one-inch margins to format your paper, and staple or clip the pages


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