Implementation of Change in Nursing


Most hospitals suffer due to poor feedback given by patients as they leave. Majority of the feedback is usually focused on poor quality of service offered by nurses. As a result of this, management may end up firing employees frequently as the underlying cause has not been addressed. The Westmount Hospital has been featuring the same trend of firing and hiring for many years, before it finally decided to look deeper into the problem. During the review of the system used by the hospital, many factors that are beyond nurse control were identified, and most of these directly linked to the poor performance of nurses. This paper features a plan of the proposed changes within the organization, how they will be implemented, and the resources that will be required.

Description of Current Problem

The Westmount Hospital is presently being challenged by poor health care delivery to patients mainly because of poor resource allocation. For a long time, nurses have been forced to work under stressful situations due to workforce shortages, and their daily tasks around the hospitals are also difficult due to lack of needed medical equipment. These two factors are the major reasons why patients are endlessly complaining of poor quality of care provided by the nurses available. As a result of workforce shortage, nurses are overwhelmed with having to cover a big number of patients on time. Their rounds are often delayed, with some patients being given little attention (Farquharson et al, 2013). This results into patient frustration, as medications need to be taken on time, just as other medical assessments should be done. The absence of required medical equipment used by nurses also contribute further to the situation. In this hospital, not all nurses are provided with basic equipments. For this reason, a lot of time is wasted when they use old school methods a task that is also tiresome and complicated. For instance, without a stethoscope and blood pressure monitor, a nurse in charge will not be capable of properly analyzing a patient’s condition when doing rounds.

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