Why Is It Important To Be Able To Visualize Information As A Student?

Research has indicated that visualization helps students to better retrieve and remember what they have learned. Visualization in learning makes a complete sense when it is considered that human brain is mainly an image processor not a word processor. Ian fact the portion in the brain which is used for word processing is quite small compared to the part which is used to process images. There is power of visual imagery when it comes to learning. Many types of visual can be used to make an effective learning tools like; photos, icons, illustrations, figures, sketches, symbols and concept maps. A student will use the right visuals to make abstract and difficult concepts more welcoming and tangible, as well as making learning much objective and long lasting. It makes learning more clear and meaningful. It reduces the learning time, enhances retrieval of the content which is associated with the visuals, improves comprehension, and also increases retention in studies (Liu, Shixia & et al, 2014).

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