Improving the Efficiency of Replication

Apart for very minute networks, directory data have to reside in over one place on the network to be correspondingly efficient to all users. The Active Directory through replication services upholds directory data replicas on multiple controller of domain, enhancing availability of the directory and all users’ performance. Active Directory depends on the multimaster model replication, permitting one to make changes in the directory at any controller domain, not just as the primary designated domain controller. Active directory depends on the site concept to assist keep efficient of the replication and the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) to establish the most suitable replication network topology automatically.

To assist in enhancing replication efficiency, Active Directory depends on sites. Sites refer to groups of well linked computers which establish the replication of the directory data. Directory information in Active Directory site is replicated more frequently as compared to other sites. In this regard, the best linked domain controller, which are normally the domains that requires specific directory information, gain replicated update first. Moreover, the domain controllers in different sites also obtain the changes, through less often, as a way of lowering the consumption of the network bandwidth.

However, things are a bit different in this case. The network system does not have a reliable connection and thus, some of the sites are not routed completely and thus, they cannot receive active directory updates. To address this, the Server 2012 must be installed in more than one site manually. The installation should focus on the connection. Each complete connection should have an active directory site to create two or more Active directory to serve the two or more incomplete connections. This way all sites will be receiving updates and replication efficiency will be enhance (Technet.Microsoft, 2005a).

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