Influence of Minorities on the Political Process and the Impact of Affirmative Action

Minorities have made a great contribution to the change of a number of legislations and policies as they fight for equal rights in the country. Their involvement in various political process that include demonstrations and lobbying, these groups have resulted to the enactment of antidiscrimination law, legalization of gay marriage, women and blacks voting among other changes in the country laws. These changes have made it possible for minorities to acquire equal social, political and economic position as whites in the country. The minority struggle in the country has also resulted to the development of affirmative action. The affirmative action has played a great role in improving educational and employment opportunities for minority group members. Today minority groups are in a better position when it comes to access to employment, acquiring government contracts, in obtaining social benefits, and in earning higher education institutions admission.

I have not had an impact of affirmative action directly in my life. However, I have witnessed some of my friends and relative enjoy the benefits of affirmative action. One of the incidences that I have witnessed is my friend being enrolled in the higher institution of learning on the basis of his race. Although my friend was qualified for the position, the institution was experiencing a challenge in deciding who they should admit and those it should turn down, especially among those who were at the margin. My friend was among the few considered in this group since he was of minority community and the university had to attain the required minority quota, which fortunately had not managed to attain from the selected group. This provided my friend an advantage of being among the few selected among those who were at the cut line. Although the act seemed discriminative to other applicant, it was a clear indication of the government effort in improving the life of minority group, and also a clear indication of political power exacted to the country’s law by the minority groups

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