Intervention Plan To Help Betty and Mahtob Flee Iran and go back To United States.


Moody Mahmood is an Iranian citizen married to Betty Mahmood with one daughter Mahtob. The working environment for Moody is coupled with a lot of racism based on religion and at some point he misses home and decides to go back to Iran with his family. Betty is an American citizen and she is not comfortable going back to Iran because of war and violence. Moody takes his family back to Iran and life changes in as shift. Betty is a victim of chauvinism and every decision is made by his husband without being given a chance to give her opinion. Her misery is greatly influenced by the culture shock she meets in Iran; where women are considered inferior. She is not comfortable with the idea of women covering their whole bodies and heads but she has no choice because culture demands that.

Betty and Mahtob lose their travelling credentials and are forced to become Iranian citizens. This becomes the genesis of all her woes. She is not allowed to make any calls and her husband makes virtually all decisions (Ufland, 1991) . She really needs help which she gets from Hamid, a business man in the nearby market. Betty becomes a victim of oppression. Moody beats her up. Insults her and does things against her will. She suffers psychological trauma despite striving to raise her daughter in a good manner. Her transition and change of culture makes her life worse and her only option is to leave with her daughter back to the United States. The question is, will she be able to run away from Moody? This paper therefore presents an intervention plan to help Betty and Mahtob flee Iran and go back the United States.




Intervention Plan

The goal of this plan is to ensure Betty and Mahtob gets back to the United States and start a life they both deserve. However, this may be a difficult course to purse given the circumstances at play and the environmental restraints against this course. There are a lot of considerations that must be made to ensure the intervention plan works as anticipated. Betty is hopeful that she will finally get off the manacles of oppression and psychological torture. She really wants the best for her daughter which is her source of determination.

The objectives and steps that are relevant to the attainment of this goal depend both on the client’s decisions and the legal fraternity. The first thing to do is for Betty to find some source of income. This will be important in solving her financial needs even as she plans to go back to the Unites States. With enough finance, she can file for a divorce and get a lawyer to argue her case. However, it is important to note that it may be difficult for her to get a job given the chauvinistic nature of the Iranian culture but she has no choice because she needs money anyway. She is an educated woman and therefore has the capacity to be considered for a job.

Additionally, it is imperative that she gets a passport for both of them in preparation to their journey back to the United States. Filing for divorce may pose two challenges; One, moody may decline to sign for the divorce or there may arise a question of whose custody the child is to be granted. Betty’s main concern is to have her life and her daughter’s life back and she cannot afford to live Mahtob behind; which means she must go with her despite all circumstances. It is for this reason that she needs a lawyer to argue her case.

At her current state of affairs, parental education is a very critical endeavor because Mahtob has to be educated and offered guidance to ensure she doesn’t get hooked to the retrogressive culture of the Iranians. Additionally, there is need for the client and her daughter to develop their communication skills to be able to convince the legal fraternity that indeed they need to flee the country. Betty being a foreign citizen, she can seek asylum at the American embassy in Iran together with her daughter and seek for deportation back to America.

These objectives can be achieved within a period of about three years because Betty has to work and generate sufficient finance for her expenses. The legal process sometimes can delay for reasons of non-compliance from the defendant or due to the legal procedures of granting justice. The whole process may face challenges, some of which may be very difficult to overcome. The most evident environmental challenge affecting the client is poverty. The client has been a housewife since in all her married days and therefore has no financial support for herself despite being an educated woman. The only option she has is to seek for a job and generate some money to help her sought all her expenditure as far as their journey back to the United States is concerned. This would take some time, probably, two or three years because it all depends on the remuneration she anticipates from whatever job she’ll get.

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