Composers Report – Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach was a German musician during the baroque period who adapted the use of rhythms, different textures and motivic music that enriched the original German styles of music. Some of his compositions include Brandenburg concertos, passions and Goldberg variations (Stauffer, 2014). The most important component of his music was the intellectual depth and the sense of organization which was regarded as an exclusive paradigm in the music of his time.

Why did you select this composer from among all the rest?

I selected this composer because of his unique approach to music. While the rest of the music composers concern was mainly rhythm, Johann Bach had a broader perspective of music and this can be seen in how he organized his music not only to achieve rhythm but also to convey intellectual knowledge to listeners. It is for this reason that his was revered for its technical command, artistic beauty as well as its intellectual depth.

What are the musical contributions this composer made towards the development of the music during his lifetime?

Johann Bach made a significant contribution to religious music. In his time, his music was highly appreciated due to his loyalty and affection for the church. He was a role model to other musicians who came later after his death such as Beethoven who withdrew a lot of insight from the musical works of Johann Bach. This was a major contribution to the music industry. Additionally, he owned a family group for which he mentored into the music industry thus expanding his skills in arts and music.

Describe the personality of the composer and how that may have influenced his musical writing

Johann Bach was a religious individual. This inspired him to do church music which justifies why he was considered an organist. Church music requires some level of intellectual input and organization. His hard work also made him a great musician because he took his time to create music that he believed would transform the society.

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