Investors’ Perspective on The ISO 14001 and AA1000 Regulations and Reports

Of course, the ISO 14001 and AA1000 regulations and reports hold a great impact on the side of investors who would wish to put their investments in the organization or company. An investor would want to operate regulatory and legally compliant business in order to avoid the wrath of legal action which would claim a huge financial loss (Hamilton &Tschopp, 2012). An investor would want to ascertain the sustainability levels of the business he/she invest and thus be able to operate a business in an environment sensitive of its impact on theeconomy and society at large.Similarly, the Accountability Principles for Sustainable Development  in AA1000 provides a framework for the investor to assess the inclusivity and the principles of Responsiveness and Materiality and thus make informed decision on whether the business is viable, promising and worth investing.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cases of such reporting occurrence

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has several cases of regulations and reporting as per the ISO 14001 and AA1000 standards. For instance, the ISO RIYADH Consultants offers ISO consulting certification and training services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Int’L, (2015), they offer leading ISO consultancy and certification covering training, implementation, consulting, documentationand audit services in Jeddah, Al Khobhar, Madinaand Mecca.

Additionally, the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) has approximately 20,500 standards to provide a framework for regulating the country’s business environment. It further actively pursues a process of promulgating a number of new standards and reporting currently in various drafting stages of development. The adoption of various ISO regulations Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ensured accreditation and quality assurance measures in businesses undertakings across the country.


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