Is Feminism Harmful or Beneficial to American Society?

Feminism is a collection of thoughts and ideologies which share a common, definite and ultimate goal. It involves outlining, launching, and achieving equality in political, social, cultural and economic rights and opportunities for women (Hawkesworth, 2006). Historically, feminist movements have successfully campaigned for the rights of women to vote, work, hold public office, earn fair wages, access education, and own property. The awareness raised by feminists in American society has promoted bodily autonomy and integrity, and protected girls and women from sexual assaults and domestic violence (Hawkesworth, 2006). It; thus, goes without saying that feminism is beneficial to the American society. Various contemporary issues regarding feminism will be discussed in this paper in order to get insight into this topic. The primary objective of this paper is to use examples that help analyze the feminism situation in the American society.

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Feminist is beneficial because it promotes gender equality. Those who support feminist campaigns argue that the male and females were gradually growing apart. Something, therefore, ought to be done about this situation. Feminism encourages a society that is inclusive (Ghodsee, 2009). It attempts to achieve and sustain gender parity, which is essential for collective ideology in any given society. A significantly improved society where both men and women live responsibly is clear evidence that gender equality was instrumental in developing an inclusive community (Ghodsee, 2009).  It is this rationale that has been used to push the gender equality agenda so vehemently. The achievement of gender balance creates harmony among the different sexes in the society, allowing them to collaborate to develop a better society.

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Feminism is also beneficial to the American society because it accords room for the enhancement of societal moral and paradigm. A society’s morals and ideals are central in shaping the future of the community. Sociology experts have often argued that the legitimacy of any organization elucidates the moral values and ideals it has in place (Hawkesworth, 2006). Creating a sense of gender balance makes sure that all members of the community abide by the principles set values. Without this balance, one sex feels like it is locked out, and conflicts are often in the offing.

Feminism also helps to iron out various issues that affect a society. It is worth noting that feminism attempts to encourage female participation in decision-making. Prior to feminism, women in America societies believed that women had no voice hence locked them of the decision-making sphere (Hooks, 2012).  Issues such as balancing domestic chores and careers by women were strife in the American society before modernity set in. The ancient American society, which was largely patriarchal, impeded women from holding job positions because it required them to look after their families. Feminism; thus, creates a favorable platform of resolving problems affecting the American Society. It is evident, from the above benefits, that feminism in the American society is indispensable. The principles of the feminism help resolve various issues that affect the community. The harmony and collaboration functions of feminism show that it has more benefits and limited harm to the American society. Feminism enhances the values of the society and aids in developing a better society. The American Society should apply the principles of feminism in order to build a stable and cohesive society.

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