Analysis of Apple Company Marketing Environment and Adopt Methods of Learning


This research paper is meant to study and analyze Apple Company in consideration of marketing environment and adopt methods of learning. The company produces quality products using the approach of direct business and sell to the customers directly which gives the company a competitive advantage over its competitors. The company competitors include companies such as HP, Toshiba, Dell, and Asus to mention but a few. The company external environment analysis presents are with an opportunity to point out the areas with a potential market.

Situation Analysis

The management of Apple is not only efficient but also very involved in offering support to the employees through training and encouraging them to be innovative. The former CEO Steve Job wanted to ensure that no other company beats Apple in innovation. Also, auditing and checks on business cash flow is always done on time. The company has adopted a new accounting principle by which the I-phone and Apple TV that generates high revenue will be considered as deferred revenue in Apple account statements thus creating better cash flow. 

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Products Lifecycle

Currently, iPod is midway in the maturity stage thus demanding an increase in innovation through research and development, which will result in sales and profits increase. Other products such Apple TV, are still new in the market and thus requires a lot of promotion in order to create consumer awareness. I-phone is best-selling product in Apple and is expected to cannibalize the iPod product in the near future (Katie, 2013).

Market Summary

In a research conducted on a sample size of 2,200 people in an effort to define Apple’s market for it products, the results indicated that approximately 22 million American uses its products such as personal computer, I-Pod, I-phone or another electronic gadget. Majority of the users are people aged 29-40 years. Apple products satisfy different users’ needs by providing various services with distinctive features at differing prices. The consumer value for Apple products is high due to the sound quality and features installed in the devices that are a match for its premium pricing. With the sales increasing for Apple Company products, it is expected that the newly launched Apple TV will take the television market by a storm due to its fantastic features. From past records Apple, new products have always surpassed expectations with sales rising to the ceiling a good example is iPhone whose market share soon after it was launched reaching 70-90%.  It was one of the products able to capture the market within a short span of time. The ability of Apple Company to outsource outlets to sell its products gives it an advantage over its competitors in its sales in such a case typically increases by 5%.

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Initially, Apple products such as iPods were targeted to travelers and teenagers however with each innovation everyone wants a piece of apple and thus scramble for them regardless of age. Thus, the target markets for Apple product have over the years grown to capture everyone with ability to buy. Everyone owning an Apple company product seems to belong to a community by what those without Apple company gadget is viewed as aliens. The stylish, easy to use devices have gripped the interest of many people from all demographics. As of right now the target market for Apple products is not defined. In addition, the fact that the teens were the intended target market gives Apple products an image of fresh, young and trendy.   

Internal strengths and weakness

In analyzing the internal strength and weakness of Apple Company, SWOT analysis will be considered. This will helps in understanding the company has emerged as a global entity. Understanding the weaknesses of the company will help know the shortcoming that the company is facing and how they can be handled. The SWOT analysis will hence entail the following:

S- Strengths

Apple Company experiences myriad economies of scale that helps it have an upper hand over its competitors:

  • Halo effect,
  • A substantial Brand Equity,
  • Opportunity to expand
  • Successful business model.


The death of Steve Jobs significantly affected the company, in addition, the introduction of the weak brand damages the company good reputation the rumors of the faulty products may affect the company annual sales. The Apple TV is even less promising as anticipated before.

O- Opportunities

There is a likelihood that in future Apple company products will be less expensive. The association with the Nike Company is yet another fantastic opportunity. In additional to this, there is the likelihood of multiple revenue streams.

T- Threats

Some of the risks that face the company include the availability of substitute products, possibility of IPhone causing the fall of the Ipod, high competition is another threat that is faced by the Apple Company. There is an assumption that if the trends are favorable to Apple company the sales will continue to increase the company will retain its market share as long as it continues producing quality products thus gaining new strengths. If the company goes on pursuing innovation then competing companies will find it difficult to fight with it (Wilson & Thomson, 2002).

Marketing Strategy Summary:

Apple business strategy is to develop and design application software, hardware, operating system and other services associated with it thus offering its customers solutions and products that are superior and innovation industrial design. Apple believes in investing in research and enhancing its products. Thus, it continues to capitalize on improving mobile communication and personal computers through refining or creating innovations.

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Another strategy of the company is expanding its network of distribution. The aim of this technique is to reach the targeted customers and to offer them with high-quality sales.  Nevertheless, the strategy also helps support in case there is a default with their gadgets after sale.


All technology based products face a common threat of vulnerability from competitors. Apple designs it products out of innovation into very successful products. As mentioned earlier there are many competitors who produced products that compete with Apple products in the market. The advantage that Apple Company has on its product is the fact that it created an edge over its products and succeeded in winning excellent reputation for its products. For a competitor to beat Apple Company in the market, the competitor has to be excellent and introduce superb products that can change the Apple products consumers’ minds. In addition, the opponents ought to carry out thorough marketing in order to create consumer awareness of the unique features that makes their products better compared to Apple Company products. The death of Apple’s CEO triggered stiff competition from companies determined to take the leading position. However, Apple is still the leading companies at the top of the list in terms of innovation and sale of products meaning that the consumer have a high preference for Apple products.

Marketing Strategy

The general marketing objective of Apple Company is to maximize the captured market share and be able to get rid of the competitors, by doing so the company products sales will tremendously increase. In addition, the company can make its products available by distributing them to other retail stores to sell them and make them accessible to consumers. Additionally, the use of internet to create more awareness of the company available products plays a huge role in promoting the company products. Advertisement can also help market Apple goods and create more awareness to consumers who are not aware of the products. As of now since Apple is the trendsetter word of mouth is the most utilized advertisement of the company products. Additionally, Apple uses other strategies such as segmentation and price discrimination.

Apple as a global entity, has divided its markets according to the location of the country. In this divisions, it charges different prices in each. For example, the price charged in the Western countries would not be the same as the price charged by Apple for accessories. The charging of different prices at different quantities involves price discrimination strategy. As a service industry, it focuses on satisfaction of customer needs as well as the making of profits. Apple Company has used various advertising techniques in order to capture the customers. The indulgence of the company in intensive advertising has contributed in the success of the company. It has kept its rivals such as Samsung and Microsoft always on their toes.

Marketing Mix

In designing the marketing mix, Apple applies 4P’s. That is; product, price, promotion and place. This is an efficient marketing policy since it helps access and assess the target market.


Apple products have great features that are user-friendly and of high quality. Ideally, Apple’s product image has improved over the years. The impression being clear, consistent and reliable products that make them prefer Apple products. The branding and efficient services and one-year warranty creates brand loyalty.


Even though, Apple products are expensive compared to competitors’ products, they feature, reliability and benefit are higher.


Advertising helps creates awareness of the brand and teaches consumer of the availability of the product and how to operate it.


Distribution of Apple product occurs either directly or indirectly. Direct delivery is what the consumer goes to Apple company stores and buys the product from there. Indirect is the use of outlet retailers to sell the product to customers.


Apple Company has managed to influence the market through its innovations and products that are superior this fact means that the company should take this opportunity ensure that it maximizes on the sale of its products. The company should come up with methods that help it overcome its weaknesses and increases its strengths. For the company to remain competitive, it should continue pursuing Steve Jobs dream of being innovative and developing better products. Being updated with current changes will assist the company overcome the challenges of new players with better products.  

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