Issues Facing The Information Technology Manager In Constantly Expanding And Changing Information Technology Environment

The world has experienced an extensive growth of Information Technology as different organizations, institutions, and companies continuously adapt the new technology. This extensive use of information technology has come with different challenges that IT managers must handle to enhance effective use of IT technologies in their respective organizations. The level of challenges grows in an environment when IT is constantly expanding and changing. The IT managers in this environment play a significant role in managing risks associated to expanding and changing IT environment. Some of these risks include privacy, security, accuracy, control and ownership. This paper focuses on discussing issues facing IT managers in an environment where information technology is constantly expanding and changing.

Issues Facing IT Managers in a Constantly Changing and Expanding Environment

The growth and expansion of IT technology use has come with a number of problems. One of the main issues facing IT managers in a growing and changing IT environment is security. Information system security practices entail the application of both non-technical and technical measures to safeguard assets of an organization from different threats. Information systems are often exposed to different kinds of threats that can result to different forms of damages which may result to significant financial losses. System bleach can result to loss of data confidentiality, integrity and availability. This can highly influence the general business operations of the affected organizations. Lack of availability makes it hard for the organization to operate for the entire period when the system is unavailable. Compromising data confidentiality can results to unhealthy competition in the market, make it easy for the company to lose customers to the competitor with unauthorized access to company’s data. Integrity compromise can result to huge errors in different parts of operation, which interferes with accuracy and to some extent, it may impact the trust that customers have in an organization (Jouini, Rabai & Aissa, 2014).

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Expansion of IT system comes hand in hand with great need to improve the security system to eliminate the system vulnerabilities which hackers can use to compromise the system. It is also important to note that hackers tend to advance their system security bleach knowledge and techniques as the IT system technology advances. This leaves IT managers with a great challenge of ensuring system security, especially in anexpanding or changing environment where network system need to be expanded. IT manager should thus test the system to ensure it has no security loopholes. Regular security system auditing will also be needed to be able to uncover any vulnerability that could be exploited. Development of a recovery system by creating backup system will also be necessary to protect the company’s data among other measures (Alnawaiseh, 2014).

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Privacy is another major challenge facing IT managers in a changing and expanding IT environment. Most organizations are currently taking vital and private information on their customers storing them in their information systems for recording and enhancing proper care and services to their customers. This is especially seen in healthcare organizations, banks, and government organizations among other institutions. These organizations normally pledge ensuring total privacy for the customers data to ensure no unauthorized individuals or unconsented third party access these data (Kotz et al., 2016).

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The IT managers are thus required to enhance both internal and external security of the system to protect data privacy. Internal security is required to limit the database access rights to ensure that only authorized persons can access the database. Other measures may include data encryption to ensure any successful security bleach does not guarantee data manipulation or reading. Educating users on personal security measures such as password strength and secrecy need to logout individual account when not at workstation among other measures. This is not quite easy especially since the IT manager requires the collaboration of other workers to ensure total internal security of the system, and it may be quite challenging in a growing organization while new workers are introduced often and hence, constant training of the workers on internal IT system security will be needed (Ziegeldorf, Morchon& Wehrle, 2015).

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Another major challenge facing IT managers is accuracy. Accuracy is normally determined by the efficiency of the system and also by the user’s proficiency in using the system. System error can be as a result of technical issues which can occur during system development, implementation or configuration. IT managers thus need to keep have updated information on the new systems that may be required in their organization, and technical skills in installation, configuration and testing of the system (Manson, 1986). They should also ensure that the organization workers are well trained to be able to effectively work with any new system. New workers should also be trained on the same. Ensuring accuracy can be quite challenging in a changing environment especially due to the need of involving all workers in the changing process. Change introduces new training demands and need for new skills to be able to handle the new system. Regular training will be required to ensure that the users are comfortable with any changes that are introduced in the organization.

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IT managers have a great role of ensuring accuracy, security and privacy among other things in a growing or changing environment. This is not an easy task, especially in this era where cybercrimes are on the rise. Competitors and malicious hackers are always on the lookout to identify any security loophole that may make them to access information that can be of benefit to them, or that they can use against the system. IT managers are thus required to put extra effort in promoting system security and system operation efficiency, while ensuring system privacy, accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and availability.

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