Karla Homolka Classification based on Groth and MTC: R3

Karla Homolka participation in the sexual assaults was planned and non-violent, there was no attempt on her part to be in control of the situation nor did she demonstrate demand for ritualistic forms of torture as did Bernardo. Based on the Groth typology, Karla cannot be classified as an anger rapist or a power rapist. Her classification as a sadistic rapist would depend on whether classification would be based on the crime in its entirety or her level of participation in it. If she were classified based on the entirety of the crime then, the amount of mental torture, as well as physical pain experienced by the victims during the assaults, would mean that she is a sadistic rapist.

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 However, because this particular typology assumes that males are almost always the perpetrators of sexual assault and was formulated based on interviews with a large number of male sex offenders and only three female sex offenders, Karla’s classification based on this typology as a sadistic rapist remains in doubt. However, recent advances in MTC: R3 may be able to clarify where Groth cannot.

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Based on MTC: R3, Karla would arguably fall into group six of the non-sadistic rapist. The feelings of inadequacy typical of this group are evident when Karla presents her sister to be assaulted by Bernardo despite having the freedom to stand up for herself and deny his request and the preoccupation with sexual coercion can be deduced from the fact that she actively participated in recording the assaults. While her level of involvement in the assaults does indicate some form of longstanding rape fantasy, it is devoid of the aggression displayed by sadistic types in groups 4 and 5. The fact that the assaults were well planned and executed distinguishes Karla from the opportunistic rapist (1 and 2). Moreover, she displays no preexisting vindictive feelings or anger towards her victims typical of the vindictive rapist and the pervasively angry rapist (8, 9 and 3).

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