What Were The Key Oversights By The Brand Team At Kraft When Launching I-Snack 2.0 And Why Does This Matter?

At Kraft, there were a number of factors that the brand team overlooked during the launch of the i-snack 2. During the market research, the brand team recognized that the social media was an important platform on which they would understand the needs of the market.  The brand team actually used the social media in gathering information on the market needs in regard to the vegemite. However, the brand team overlooked the influence that the social media has on promoting and downgrading a product.

The brand team did not recognize that the same strong influence on which the social media on providing information on the new vegemite would also have a strong negative influence if things do not go as planned. The brand team actually looked on the bright side of the use of social media and did not consider how influential it would be in the case of uncertainties.  The brand team also overlooked the online responses in regard to the naming of the new Vegemite. From the information provided in the case, it is evident that the naming of the new Vegemite was the major problem (Keinan, Farrelly, & Beverland, 2013). Once the brand team established the ‘name me campaign,’ the brand team did not take its time in evaluating the implications of the different names that it would create for the new Vegemite.

It seemed that the brand team was overwhelmed by the responses that it was receiving about the new product and was already considering the new vegemite a success in the market. The naming of the new Vegemite did not seem to augur with the expectations of the consumers, which made them enraged hence the social media outburst about the new product. It is important to ensure that the right considerations have been made during product implementation and provide real life surveys on a new product before introducing it to the consumers (Aaker, 2009). The over reliance on social media or other non-factual platforms may not provide the real picture of the market response, which makes it possible to align the operations of the company to the information gathered from the real market environment.

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