What Was The Importance Of The 501 Halo To The Broader Brand Strategy?

  • What Was The Importance Of The 501 Halo To The Broader Brand Strategy? What other examples of other brands can you reference where this occurs?

The 501 halo was an effective brand strategy that maintained Levi Strauss in its market position despite the pressure that loomed from its competitors in the jeans market. The increased pressure from the other competitors created an unfavorable environment where Levi Strauss could thrive. The company had to, therefore, rethink on a strategy that they could apply in ensuring that they could increase their earnings that were spiraling down at the time. The company realized that its brand was a market grip that it could use in redefining its position in the market. By the introduction of the 501 halo, the company was able to reintroduce its brand in the market, which was able to resuscitate the influence of the company in the jeans market. The brand strategy did not only occur at Levi Strauss but was also experienced in other companies such as Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney realized that it needed to expand its services across different geographical regions in order to maintain and increase its revenues instead of focusing on the American market. Walt Disney was able to locate their target market and ensure that they provided their products and services that suit the needs of the identified markets (Aaker, 2009). The aspect of multi-segment marketing by Walt Disney resembles the brand strategy adopted by Levi Strauss since it made good use of its brand name in expanding its operations and reaching more customers worldwide.

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