Krumboltz’s Learning theory of career Counselling

When a person is a kid, their career objective are quite more different from what they are now. A career theorist Dr. John Krumboltz from Stanford University explores the origin of career choice that is based on influential life events. His theory is two part and it is known as the Learning Theory of Career counseling. Krumboltz refers to the ultimate career decision as the “logical outcome of an infinitely complex sequence of learning experiences.” The first part of this theory puts it focus on the origin of career choice basing it on the four important life factors(Mitchell,1996).

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According to Krumboltz, special abilities and genetic endowment, which are the qualities that one inherited from birth, can make one to be more likely to pursue some careers and fail to chase others. Krumboltz also says that events and environmental conditions are the second factor to career choice development. The learning experiences have a significant influence on the career of a person(Mitchell, 1996). Task approach skills are another factor. With the above factors in mind, the theory thus accounts for the life experiences that are either in or out of your control.

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The origin of career choice only makes up half of the theory. On the second part, Krumboltz focuses on the career counselors and more specifically how these counselors can help solve a career-related problem. He also notes that it’s not a bad thing when one can’t decide on a career part to follow or make a consideration on the past. With this, he says that that life changes constantly and so does the career choice(Mitchell, 1996). For this reasons thus, the Krumboltz considers every career seeker as an explorer and thus this theory encourages one to be curious, flexible, persistent, optimistic as well as have the ability to take risks.

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