LAWS20023 Australian Taxation Law Course Help

What is this course about?

This course enables students to acquire a sound knowledge of the Australian taxation system and the compliance requirements. Topics include:

  • the Constitution and taxation power
  • the concept, source and derivation of income
  • trading stock, exempt income, allowable deductions
  • tax offsets; and the determination of taxable income
  • decline in value
  • and miscellaneous business deductions
  • tax administration
  • fringe benefits tax
  • and goods and services tax.

What are the expected outcomes of the course?

Course learning outcomes On successful completion of this course, you should have:

  • a sound understanding of the Australian Taxation system and the sources of Australian taxation
  • demonstrated knowledge of the main concepts and principles of Australian income taxation law
  • competence in applying the taxation law in preparing income tax returns of moderate complexity for individual taxpayers, companies, partnerships and trusts
  • an ability to critically evaluate principles of Australian Fringe Benefits and Goods and Services tax regimes
  • knowledge of the compliance requirements under the Australian taxation system a critical awareness of the concept of tax avoidance and of general tax avoidance provisions in the Australian Tax legislation

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