Leadership Development – MR. Hudaib Case Study


Mr. Hudaib holds the title of an engineer in SABIC. Currently, he is a technical team leader and has in the past interludes, both academically and socially, achieved a lot in regard to his career as a technical team leader. Besides his professional life, he is married with two children. He lives with his family in from where he exercises more in his life so as to magnify his leadership traits.

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This essay shall delve into MR. Hudaib’s skills and aptitudeson leadership. More specifically, it will expound on his standpoint on achievements in self-confidence, leadership skills, approaches to leadership, cultural awareness, leadership styles, trust &integrity and areas upon which he intends to improve so as to holistically cater for leadership mannerisms.

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Among all leadership traits, the one that forms the overall supporting pillar is self-confidence. Recent studies have shown that confidence is directly intertwined with leadership and ultimately, success. It is also related to high cognitive capacities, determination and self-drive which enable a person to assume dominance even within the presence of ever changing environments. Mr. Hudaib has learned that self-confidence is not only for helping one’s self-assurance but also helps to bring people towards the subject. As it draws someone towards themselves, the process enables the subject’s ideas to speak out. This in turn leads to subordinates working efficiently under the self-confident leader. Otherwise, it aggravates distrust in employees towards the management and at long last leads to doubt in the existing administration.

Hudaib is a self-confident person. He has landed in full confidence with the knowledge of the various aptitudes that come along with it. For instance, he has grasped that a self-confident person is expected to make minimal or no mistakes. By examining himself and fellow leaders within the university as an institution, he has picked up pace on the most crucial elements of being a confident person.

Apart from that, Hudaib has mugged up on ways to improve his confidence score. He is focused on perfection in his work and is willing to take any step that gets the job done flawlessly. He understands that he has to dress sharply, sit in the front rows in meetings, speak up and compliment other people so as to recuperate his self-esteem.

Leadership traits, skills and styles

The ability to inspire others is one of the most prevalent trait in successful leaders. The kind of leadership traits and skills however lie on the style that one chooses to employ.In 1939, a group of researchers among them, Kurt Lewin, devised three major leadership styles. They include, democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire.

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Democratic leadership involves the leader making consultations with fellow workers prior to any instance of decision-making. Autocratic leadership on the other hand does not make any such consultations. Lastly, and on another totally different scale, laissez-faire leaves the whole decision-making process to the involved group, most of the times involving to input from the leader.

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Hudaib, after a comprehensive scrutiny, has identified that a democratic leadership stands out above all. This is because it has provided him with the best platform of inculcating as many traits as possible. Democratic leadership encompasses traits that are cultivated around motivation, personality and ability. These are further classified into small sub segments which are the incorporated traits.Such traits include, emotional maturity, integrity, interpersonal skills, technical skills and cognitive skills. Hudaib has achieved a high score with regard to these traits. He is termed as trustworthy, friendly, motivational, self-confident, assuring, conscientious, diligent and above all articulate. Although he struggles with evaluative skills, Hudaib believes that a successful leader should have auxiliary skills as conflict resolution skills. He particularly, has demonstrated this in crisis both in the institution as well as in the field. He as well upholds charismatic, task-oriented and people oriented leaderships. He relies on the fact that, the fusion of all of them into one will give the most impressive results; transformative leadership (Bass& Riggio, 2006).

Approaches to leadership

Leadership approaches, commonly known as leadership situations, are important tools in helping a leader assess themselves on various dimensions.At the outset, situational approach implies that situational variables of an individual be taken into account. In this way, it embraces both supportive and directive strategies where the leader scrutinizes an individual workers strengths and weaknesses and progresses into supporting them and guiding them through. Hudaib predominantly fails here due to his fair evaluative skills. He markedly struggles with an individualized approach of improving performance. However, Hudaib under rigorous research intends to make personal improvements using other approaches as well as self-assessing himself using the trait theory of leadership.

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Path-goal approach as the name insinuates, focusses on the proposition that the efficiency of leaders is based upon engagement of activities that include complementing the subordinates either directly or their environment. It is done in a way that rewards the deficiencies that are prevalent. In simple terms, the leader helps subordinates to attain their goals and make them feel satisfied with their goals.In this theory, Hudaib seems well oriented. He engages in employee motivation and seems to be well acquainted with this model. However, he lags behind on the supportive dimension. His achievements mainly lie in achievement-oriented and directive dimensions. He plans to accommodate a supportive strategy holistically by studying individual patterns so as to encourage individual support. Nevertheless, Hudaib is generally well skilled in this area and the score is well above an impressive scale.

The leader-member (LMX) theory focusses on the interaction between a leader and his individual follower(Graen et al 1982). This approach is mutually-beneficial and is claimed to be a fair exchange within a group or an organization. The leader offers certain services as advice, guidance and support while individual followers vary the exchange that happens or develops amid them. In this arena, Hudaib performs well on a collective instance. He engages more than one member and has realized that this is an area of upturn.

This approach involves an assessment that tests the proclivity of a leader to indorse the approach in a leadership hierarchy. Hudaib, after taking the tests, revealed an average performance. He especially learned that he needs to add more effort on demanding perfect jobs from the subordinates. He also needs to employ individualized evaluation so as to pinpoint the areas of improvement.

Team leadership is an approach where a certain group is working for the common purpose of achieving a common goal. The team leader has the responsibility of giving direction, instruction and guidance to the group. Hudaib’s field groups have always taken every trait of a team. He has always tried to serve the purpose of a team leader. In spite of this, some differences within the team occur in terms of ideologies. He however attempts to use motivational and conflict resolution skills to solve such issues.

When it comes to collaborative, transformational and charismatic leadership, as mentioned earlier, Habib fuses them together in an attempt to come up with a strong leadership.He has in fact accomplished beyond an average scale. The only hitch back stands to be individualized scrutiny. He motivates his followers while using charismatic ideas, intellectual stimulation and rewarding. He only wishes to improve on his weaknesses in giving individualized instruction.

Leadership style

A leadership style is a specific way of a leader instructing, providing direction, motivating people and implementing plans(Burns, 1978). Different situations call for dynamic leadership styles. Yet we need to consider important aspects play a significant role in modern-day equality. After Hudaib’s masculinity –femininity self-assessment, it proves that he is not only aimed at transformational leadership but also a gender sensitive one. He is concerned about the issues that run across institutions of masculine leadership.

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Cultural awareness

In terms of cultural awareness, a leader is supposed to see the world currently as a global world with dynamics of culture everywhere. In his case, Hudaib sees the world as one concrete entity culturally. He knows that a leader who does not see culture dynamically does not uphold togetherness and unity. It could lead to under-achievement of the goals as teamwork and collaborative leadership may not be possible.

Trust & Integrity

It is said that integrity is one quality of a leader that upholds all the rest. Hudaib has managed to consistently to be amoral leader whose standpoint is integrity. He understands that integrity means honesty even can have witness is around to see it. He understands that integrity is one of the most important traits a leader should have as coned by Leslie (2007).

Future Leadership Recommendations

Hudaib has shown to lie more as an authentic leader. He is trustworthy, understanding, and diligent and is principled on ethics. He is not egocentric though some of the subordinates interpret his orders irrationally.  The main and biggest weakness as seen with all the above instances is the inability to concentrate on individualism.

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