Legal and Health care Issues, Ethical and Moral Issues For Health Care Organizations

Decisions Based on Ethics and Morals Assignment

Current legal and health care issues (use of medical marijuana, genomics, abortion, etc.) may create ethical and moral issues for the health care organization. Choose and identify an issue that may create ethical and moral issues for a faith-based organization.

Examine the mission, vision, values and ethics of a faith-based health care organization and analyze the principles of the health care organization to propose how this organization may stand on a current legal and health care issue (please identify the issue you have chosen).

Find at least 2 articles from the library that discuss the controversy of this issue that may be used to support the organization’s stance on this issue.

Prepare a 3 page position statement or white paper not including title page and reference page that states the position of the health care organization for this issue.

Issue that May Create Ethical and Moral Issues for a Faith-based Organization – Abortion And Mattawa Hospital

The selected faith-based healthcare organization is Mattawa Hospital. Mattawa is a catholic based healthcare organization with a mission of building on the healing ministry of Jesus and Sisters of Charity legacy. The Nursing Home and hospital are together dedicated to offer faith-based, progressive, compassionate, high-quality health care services which are responsive to the diverse and bilingual cultural community needs (Mattawa Hospital, 2018). The mission is together, inspired by faith, guided by medicine in a place referred as home, meaning the organization enhance collaboration among workers, ensuring that they are guided by faith and medical ethical principle to offer satisfactory care. The organization’s values include compassion, integrity, life sacredness, collaboration, respect, and system excellence. The organization has a moral duty to ensure social justice, fairness, trust and practice ethical behaviors. The organization is also committed to the health and spirituality of the whole person. It is also demonstrates empathy, concern and considerations of values, wellbeing and needs of its co-workers, patients, and residents. The organization also has a moral duty to uphold people’ dignity and ensure equal access to quality healthcare services (Mattawa Hospital, 2018).

The selected issue that might create ethical and moral issues for a Mattawa Hospital is abortion. Abortion is an act of terminating the life of unborn child or fetus before its birth for one reason or another. Although abortion is regarded as crime in some states of America, it is highly embraced by almost all states in certain circumstances. Mattawa Hospital is a catholic faith-based healthcare organization, with one of its values being sacredness of life.  Catholic Church has been in the forefront to demonstrate that life begins from conception. This implies that life of a fetus should be respected and not to be interfered with. It also regards abortion as a crime and refuse to embrace abortion in any circumstance, even in situations where abortion is accepted by the law. The American law permits abortion in various situations which include in a situation where the pregnancy create a serious health risk to a mother, in case of rape or based on the conception circumstances, or in case the child is deformed or noted to have serious health problem that may undermine the child’s quality of life if born. However, the religious perception in this matter hinders the organization from observing the law when it comes to the matter of abortion (Patil, Dode & Ahirrao, 2014). The moral value embraced by this organization would not permit any healthcare professional in the organization to consider enhancing abortion due to any of the above reasons. Life in this kind of organization is highly respected and honored as sacred, and hence no human being has power over the life of another person. The organization is also committed into observing God’s laws and word before the laws of a country. The biblical perception of life clearly states that God knew about our existence before we were born, before we were put in our mother’s womb. This makes it clear that no child should be rejected based on the circumstances surrounding child’s conception or disabilities, since their conceptions was God’s plan long before they were conceived. This makes abortion an act that cannot be accepted in this kind of organizations, despite of the circumstances (Khorgfan & PAdela, 2010).

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Abortion is regarded as murder and highly disregarded in catholic faith-based healthcare organization. It is regarded to be immoral and against the ethical values set by such organizations. However, controversy arises when abortion is needed to save the life of the mother. Mattawa Hospital is based on catholic faith where the doctrines call for respect of life from time of conception to natural death. In addition, any catholic based healthcare organization focuses on saving life and improving patients’ quality of life. This means that the organization workers are bound by the organization moral duties and code of conduct to put the interest of their patient first and to employ all available resources to prevent premature death and to promote life. This obligation and the stand against abortion can conflict in a situation the fetus acts as a threat to the life of a mother (Khorgfan & PAdela, 2010). The controversial issue in this case is which lie to prioritize on, and whether aborting the child to save mothers life would be ethical. Based on the organization faith-based principle, the medical professional may concentrate on saving the life of both mother and the child. This situation in my opinion may endanger the life of the mother more and probably result to the death of both the mother and the fetus. It may also result to the survival of the fetus and death of the mother, a situation that will make it hard for the child to survive without a mother. This situation may be dismissed as God’s will, despite being controllable in a situation where the life of a mother is prioritized over that of a fetus in case of danger. The catholic faith-based healthcare organizations may never be involved in abortion, even when abortion is likely to safeguard life of a mother or prevent birth of a deformed child, since to them life is sacred and hence should be respected at all circumstances (Khorgfan & PAdela, 2010)..

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