Leonardo da Vinci – Renaissance Artist That Inspired Future Artists and Thinkers

Renaissance refers to the era that immediately followed the middle ages. This period saw a high interest revival in the classical values and learning of ancient Rome and Greece. The era was characterized by great artists with unique and exceptional abilities. They included Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo among others. Among them, Leonardo da Vinci made the greatest contribution in influencing the future thinkers and artists. Leonardo was an important Renaissance man due to the breadth of his talent, interest and intellect as well as his expression of classical and humanist values. His best known works include The Last Supper fresco, and Mona Lisa, which demonstrated unmatched ability to depict shadow and light and the physical association between objects, animals, and figures-humans alike and the surrounding landscape. The Mona Lisa portraits has impacted modern art by the manner Leonardo placed her body in the art. The hands, arms, and famous smile composition is currently commonly applied in painting.  The vanishing point techniques he employed in the last supper fresco is greatly used in the modern art (Lewis, 2017).

Other artists of this era did exceptionally well, though they did not manage to get much influence, especially in creating association between objects, animals and humans. For instance, Michelangelo’s work such as the Pieta and Statue of David demonstrated perfection as well as natural human looks which is also important in today’s art. Raphael works such as the School of Athens used perspective and foreshortening techniques which are commonly used in panting today. The brightness used in the Sistine Madonna which was enhanced by oil painting is also being adapted to day. Although they all contribute to today’s art work in one way or another, Leonardo techniques seems to be more utilized and recognizable in today’s artwork compared to other Michelangelo and Raphael especially in compositions. Thus, he can be said to have a greater influence in modern artists work compared to others (Solia, 2015).

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