Liberal Vs Conservative Ideology in the United States Of America

Conservative and liberal are two existing predispositions of ideology that dominate in the United States. These ideologies are defined differently by different people with two main schools of thought being based on moral policy and political stance. One of the main differences between the two is that liberals believe in government intervention to attain equality of all and equal opportunity. According to Liberals the government has a duty to lessensocial ills and to safeguard human and individual rights and civil liberties. Liberals believes the government’s main role it to ensure that no one lacks anything. Government in liberal ideology is perceived as the solution to all socioeconomic problems in the society. On the contrary, conservatives believe in individualized responsibility, free market, limited government, strong national defense, and individual liberty. According to conservatives, the government role should be offering individuals with the freedom essential to pursue their personal goals. In this ideology, government is perceived as a source of people empowerment to solve personal issues (LPS, 2013).

Liberal and conservatives always have a diverse view regarding different moral policies. For instance, liberal fight against death policy stating that it is cruel and inhuman. On the contrary, death penalty is considered as a penalty proportional to the crime by conservatives thus not unusual or cruel. While liberals prefer government controlled economy, conservatives prefer free market system claiming it great more job opportunities and higher economic growth. Although conservatives want clean planet, water and air as all other individuals they do not support extreme policies of environment since according to them they destroy the economy and jobs. On the contrary, liberal related industrialization to more harm to the environment and hence supports extreme measures. The two ideologies have been conflicting in various policy issues, with liberals preserving the moral values and benefit for all in their proposition, while conservatives fighting to prevent denial of advantages to the few who benefit despite the level of harm exacted to the rest in the society (LPS, 2013).

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