How Government has Overstepped Biblical Principles in Form of Economic Policy – Licensing Law


The U.S. local, state and federal governments play a great role in controlling business operations in the country. Most of these regulations are meant to bring balance in the market as a way of preventing a few to exploit majority in the market. Although business regulations have demonstrated to be very important to effective business operation in the market, some of these regulations have demonstrated negative effects, to those that they affect directly (Learn Liberty, 2018b). Sometimes the government oversteps biblical principles in some of the regulations they create, impacting people negatively and against what would be considered right based on the biblical teachings. This paper focuses on evaluating how the government has overstepped biblical principles in specific piece of legislation relating to business regulation or taxation.

How Government has Overstepped Biblical Principles in Form of Economic Policy – Licensing Law

The US government is involved in the formation of various regulations that influence business operations in the country. One of these regulations is licensing law. Licensing is mostly a state law which focuses on regulating business operations in the state by ensuring that only individuals that are certified based on the set standard operate certain forms of businesses. This is mostly done to ensure efficiency in business services provision or in quality of manufactured products, on in ensuring safety of customers. Licensing law has also be used to protect copyright of in art, music and literature work as a way of protecting the creator of original piece form being duplicated by others before the creator recover the production cost. This law thus plays a great role in protecting both consumers and producers of various goods and services locally or nationally (Learn Liberty, 2018a).

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Licensing law has also been imposed in various professionals especially those that affect life of people directly such as in healthcare provision. However, some states are currently over using the licensing law, people in skill based professionals such as interior design to acquire licensing before they are permitted to operate in the state. This licensing demand that one may have higher academic achievements and other certifications before one is licensed. This is despite the fact that, individual success in such professionals is purely based on customers’ satisfaction which is founded on individual skill and expertise that cannot be achieved by advancing but by practice, experience and sometimes talent (Harwood, 1991; Alexander et al., n.d.). Licensing is mostly applicable in professionals that cannot afford errors or imperfections since they can result to lose of life or complication of one’s life. This shows that the government oversteps its regulation law to affect people it should not be affecting. By imposing unnecessary licensing, the government limits the opportunities of young interior designers to earn a living and survive and hence promoting poverty and disparity (Learn Liberty, 2018a). The need to advance in their education to be licensed subject them to unnecessary study loans enslaving them to long-term loan repayment with high rates of interest at the age where they should be building their economic foundation. The government in this case plays the role of a master who enslaves the poor for personal gain a situation that is unethical and unbiblical according to Proverbs 22: 7.


Although professional licensing is meant to protect citizens by ensuring only qualified personnel offer services in certain industries, it is not necessary in all fields. Professionalism in some field is shaped by individual skills and expertise and how one use the academic knowledge to address customers taste and preferences for higher customer satisfaction in the field. Such fields do not thus need professional operation limiting through licensing. By demanding licensing the government would be overstepping its boundaries by limiting survival of these professionals which can impact their economic welfare among others aspects of life.

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