Literary Analysis of a Movie – In America

Theme Analysis: In America

“In America” has remained a highly celebrated drama film since 2002 when it was produced. It comes off as a semi-autographical play by its director, Jim Sheridan, and his two daughters, Kirsten along with Naomi. While the film zeroes in on the difficulties faced by an Irish family that has moved into the US, its overriding theme is being grateful for life, loving life. In “In America”, Mateo, a Nigerian, is quite clear and consistent in teaching viewers about loving life. In the film, following the demise of Frankie, Sarah stops enjoying her life. Johnny stops enjoying his life as well. Sarah and Johnny appear incapable of getting beyond Frankie’s demise. They neglect their two children considerably since they are markedly preoccupied with Frankie’s demise.

When Johnny’s family meets the reclusive photographer from Nigeria, Mateo, he appears to find spending significant time with it irresistible. In any given day, Johnny is away from his family for many hours. Johnny does not regularly spent time with his wife along with children. However, Mateo spends lots of time with the wife as well as children. They appear to take pleasure in life by spending significant time together. Over time, Johnny grows more and more jealous. He accuses the photographer for being smitten with his wife. As a response to the accusation, Mateo indicates to Johnny that he is indeed in love with own life rather than Sarah. Johnny recognizes that the photographer is without doubt dying. In “In America”, Mateo is quite clear and consistent in teaching viewers about loving life. He shows that one needs to love life in order to live joyously and succeed in own life. Sarah and his husband learn that even though Frankie’s demise was catastrophic, they are capable of continuing to live for their daughters’ benefit.

Sheridan attains the intended meaning as regards loving life by employing different means. He employs excellent cinematography to show that people should love life regardless of their situations since the human spirit always triumphs over every odd. Even though most of “In America” appears realistic, as well as stark, to ensure that audiences realize that it represents real life, there are many sections in which the characters’ dreams are actualized. In many sections as well, the film comes off as a representation of a reverie world. The film does not have many characters, thus its actors are responsible for its movement.

To communicate the theme of loving life adequately, Sheridan employs appropriate motifs, especially AIDs. Notably, AIDS is a significant challenge world over. It remains incurable. Even though “In America” does not explicitly talk about the prospects of having a cure for it developed, the demise of Mateo provides a roundabout commission. When audiences meet him for the first time, they have no idea that he suffers from AIDS. Even when Johnny’s family comes to know of his health condition, he does not lose hope in life. Indeed, he gives out immense resources to ensure that the family continues enjoying good health outcomes and life in general. Another important motif is the medication Mateo takes. The medication symbolizes his desire to continue living. It shows that he loves own life.

In “In America”, as regards the theme of loving life, Sheridan balances poetic license and accurateness. Mateo is pretty comprehensible and unswerving in teaching viewers a propos loving life. He indicates to Johnny that he is undeniably in love with own life. Sheridan employs exceptional cinematography to show that people should care for life not considering their situations. As well, Sheridan employs apposite motifs, in particular AIDs as well as related medication.

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