Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Paper

Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Paper

Write a well-developed 3 page minimum literary analysis paper on one of the following questions/topics. This should include an introduction (with a clear thesis), three body paragraphs and a conclusion. Each body paragraph should have at least 2 pieces of textual evidence for support and each piece of support should have a warrant. You MUST also include a piece of literary criticism about Lord of the Flies and connect it to your topic. This means that you will be using two sources and will also need a Works Cited page. Be sure to proofread your paper for careless errors that spell and grammar check did not find.

Choose one of the following:

1.Compare the societies of Ralph and Jack.

2.Analyze a specific character from the novel and explain his importance to the novel. (Ralph, Jack, Simon or Piggy)

3.Trace the symbolism that surrounds the conch shell. Why does it eventually have to be destroyed?

4.What does the use of masks symbolize? How does the adult society mask itself according to Golding? (in your opinion)

5.Trace the use of satire and what does the use of satire say about society/civilization?

6.Analyze any other symbol and discuss its importance to the novel.

7.Analyze the setting and discuss its importance to the novel.

8.Analyze one of the following themes: 1) the need for civilization, 2) innocence and the loss of it, 3) the loss of identity, 4) power, 5) fear of the unknown, 6) the indifference of nature, or 7) blindness and sight.


Times New Roman

12 font

Typed, double-spaced

3 pages minimum (not 2 and a half)

No contractions, slang, or 1stor 2ndperson pronouns

Be aware of punctuation

Interesting title — Not Lord of the Flies

Heading information: Name, Mrs. Duensing, Class-Hour, Date (Day Month Year)

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