Martinetti International – Promotional goals and cultural factors

Martinetti International Case Study

To extend its international presence, Martinetti International has formed an expansion strategy focused on acquiring other like enterprises outside the European region. Martinetti, a subsidiary of a publicly owned parent company, is based in Rome where it enjoys an established brand name and superb reputation. As part of Martinetti’s globalization strategy, it has acquired Sand Coast Resort Group located in the heart of Chinatown, Singapore. Both hotel enterprises share common business values and excellent reputations, and offer high-end luxury accommodations for the local businessman and international traveler. The acquisition offers Martinetti ownership of the Sand Coast brand, trademarks, and contracts for the 9 Sand Coast hotel holdings. With this acquisition, Martinetti gains a footprint in Southeast Asia and expands its holdings 27 percent. Sand Coast has strong brand recognition in the region and has a portfolio that includes both hospitality services and travel agencies. Martinetti, a cross-culture organization, is comprised of approximately 65 percent Italian employees with the remaining representing 7 other countries and languages. San Coast also has a cross-cultural workforce with 88 percent being Singaporean of Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnicity. Chinese is the official language.

As a member of the Martinetti management team, you have been selected to meet with the Sand Coast Resort leadership team to discuss Martinetti’s approach to market the acquisition in both countries. Your task is to convince the Sand Coast team that Martinelli has a sound strategic communications plan. Please discuss the promotional goals and cultural factors you would discuss with Sand Coast and what aspects of the recommended promotional strategy you would address.

Promotional Goals and Cultural Factors For Martinetti International

For the business to take roots in the region and increase its profits, several strategies have to be set on how to approach the market. Since Sand Coast Resort is a business that has been in existence and is known for provision of exclusive services, it is our wish that we maintain and even improve more in the service provision so as to keep up with its standards.

Our goal is basically to maintain a high-class hotel offering the best in everything. We also intend to make profits that will sustain the business in the long run and also aid in the expansion of the business.

Martinetti intends to build strong partnerships with other companies in the region. This is through collaborating with our service providers such as the touring agencies and airlines who can help us market our business. We also intend to interact or get involved with the surrounding and far area communities. These will be through offering charity services through several events which will be planned, sending out press releases of the current news related to our line of service and even take part in awareness campaigns. This will be by selection of the most reliable media that will deliver our messages at an affordable cost.

We are also planning to carry out short surveys that will help us in measuring the changes in the understanding and awareness of our products. This will be through frequent contact with our clients to find out about their views about us.

To also aid in improving the business, we are also planning to conduct stakeholder mapping to help us in ranking the influence of every stakeholder in our business so as to know how to prioritize our communication.

We are also planning to prepare a series of messages that will aid in the communication of important information to every target group. This will enable us to keep our clients updated about our product plans, capabilities and also the improvements made in the organization.

We as Martinetti management team understand how important culture is to any group of people. In this case, we will take into account all the cultural factors that are inherent to each situation so as to aid in the adaptation of the market strategy. We are aware that this will play a major role in the expectations, behavior and perception of our consumers. We will accomplish this by ensuring we include the region’s staple food in our menus at an affordable prize and make sure everything we offer at the resort are up to standard with their cultural practices.

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