How To Measure Quality To Evaluate Quality Improvement Efforts Effectiveness

The project manager usually helps in ensuring the various measures of quality that are supposed to grade the project. Therefore, it is important that the relevant quality standards be made according to the project. Quality assurance, therefore, deals with activities that involve activities that are geared towards planning for systematic qualities to ensure that the various projects meet the desired criteria (Young, 2013).

The quality measures in place involve the use of certain indicators to determine whether there are potential problems associated with a particular stage in the project. Quality measures can take particularly when the company looks at the technical perception qualities of the projects. The perception measures of the project will entail the inclusion of the clients and other related parties. According to the Hawthorne effect, quality improves because people are more concentrate on quality. Other things that can help in ensuring that quality is maintained is document both good and bad practices associated with the project. There are various indicators that are used to measure quality, and they include engagement measures like involvement of customers in important projects (Collins, 2011). Other indicators are assessment measures, which include surveys filled by customers’ expectations, from the different stakeholders. All the indicators mentioned are quality indicators and such indicators are global and thus can be used according to the set standards.

The indicators, therefore, help one to know the quality of the project and to ensure that the project goes according to plan and meets the specified goals of the organization. Customers contribute immensely to the measure of quality especially when they provide information regarding the products and services offered by the company. Quality as such is an important aspect of project management and needs the project manager to engage the various indicators to ensure quality is maintained. Such results help the organization to make sure that the different needs of projects are given to provide efficient performance in carrying out the project.





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