Role of Project Manager In Planning Endeavors of His or Her Company?

The project manager has the important role of managing resources by following the various plans laid out. The project manager plays a significant role in planning since he or she brings about the various changes and focusses on how the project can be directed to effective results. Since the project manager is tasked with handling the project and even completing it, he is important in the progression of the project. The project manager thus helps in planning the use of the human and financial resources that is needed for the smooth running of the project. The project manager gives the necessary information that is crucial for the execution of the project to the management and thus provides the management with various strategies that can help in ensuring that the project is carried out efficiently. The project manager has the additional role of managing the different tasks assigned to him and ensuring that they are managed properly for the benefit of the organization. The project manager further deals with the inter-functional and inter-organizational integration in while carrying out the projects.

Therefore, the project manager has to ensure that he or she in strategic planning helps in directing the project especially those working under him in executing the task associated with the project successfully. In strategic planning, the project manager helps in setting objectives and goals and further coming up with strategies that will assist the organization in achieving the set targets. Therefore, the project manager helps achieve the strategic goals by implementing various strategies. The operational plan is another aspect that the project manager has to deal with in ensuring that the day-to-day operations are done efficiently and in helping the project align with achieving the goals of the organization. In operational planning the project manager deals with the acquisition of labor and other resources to ensure that the daily tasks are performed accordingly (Aubry & Hobbs, 2011).

Furthermore, in following operational planning the project manager has to ensure that the tasks and strategies in place are done accordingly. In dealing with the various people and the tasks, they carry out the project manager has to ensure that they are carried out timely. Therefore, the project managers have a significant role to play the planning process in the organization particularly when it involves the project that the project manager is assigned to.

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