Mini-Synthesis: “The End of White America” and “Iggy Azalea’s Post-Racial Mess: America’s Oldest Race Tale, Remixed”

The argument fronted by both Hsu (2012) in “The End of White America” and Cooper (2014) in “Iggy Azalea’s Post-Racial Mess: America’s Oldest Race Tale, Remixed” is that White supremacy, or dominancy, in American is certainly coming to an end. Notably, the supremacy is commonly understood as a type of racism, which is hinged on the idea that Whites are better than individuals of other racial extractions. Some people stretch the idea to suggest or even affirm that the former should rule the later socially, culturally, economically as well as politically. The two essays demonstrate clearly that the supremacy is in its sunset days.

Hsu (2012) asserts that Whites will soon become a minority across America. According to him, the decline of the dominant status of the White race is already underway. He concurs with Cooper (2014) that the privilege of being a White in America is past its best, with Whites becoming less and less proud of the race. Hsu (2012) submits another reason for the decline of the status as the continued contraction of the White population. The dominance has also been diluted by the increasing number of immigrants being allowed into American each passing year. Besides, the dominance has been eroded continually by the growth of the number of interracial couples in America (Cooper, 2014; Hsu, 2012).

Hsu (2012) and Cooper (2014) come off as agreeing that the end of White dominance marks a momentous tipping point in America regarding its demographics. The end will see the growth of the populations of the racial minorities in the country to form the biggest component of its population over time (Cooper, 2014). There is growing likelihood that the present-day racial minorities will have sufficient numbers to rule the Whites socially, culturally, economically, as well as politically, before long.

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