Interoperable Communication Challenges for Local, State, and Federal Agencies

Interoperable communication refers to the ability of sharing information between different units or agencies of the government for purposes of coherence in the information. For instance one agency of the government can share real time data with another agency when such information is needed by such authorities. Exchanging real time data can at times prove to be of so much importance for a country especially on the security of the citizens. Challenges however do exist in trying to create a interoperable communication system. One such challenge is the availability of resources to get the radios of the various agencies to work on the same frequency bands. In most cases, the radios that the agencies use do work on different frequency bands. Additionally, funding issues will be a big problem for the government agencies especially if they have to purchase the services from the private sector.

Some of the proposals that have been made by the private sectors include the use of non-terrestrially systems. The above mentioned systems proved to be effective especially during the hurricaneKatrina. Political stake holders are also a barrier because different counties and states use different formats and specifications in their communication systems (Norman et al. 2013).

A well-integrated system of national communication uses a number of technological developments and they may include the use of semantic interoperability. In this type of system, the data is exchanged in real time and an interpretation is made in such a way that the results remain as had been defined by the end users of the two sides. Additionally, across domain type of interoperability can also be used where the social, political and legal entities work together to share their information in real time. For instance the emergency responders can communicate directly to government agencies for any type of assistance they may need (Norman et al. 2013).

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