Monroe Motivated Outline Persuasive Speech About Controversial Issue Organ Donation



  1. Attention, or credibility, material

  • Who is never anxious when waiting for things that he or she really desires having? What if they are things that he or she cannot survive an additional day without?
  • Well, one of my very close friends was none when his doctor confirmed that he needed to have his kidneys replaced. The doctor put his name on the waiting list for those to get donated kidneys as they became available at the hospital. He remained on the list for two years without matching kidneys becoming available. He did not get the all-important kidneys, he passed on.
  1. Binding the audience

  • Sadly, some of the people who are dear to you may suffer the same fate.
  • Preview and Thesis

  • I am keen on exploring the mounting requirement for persons to donate organs in this area first. Subsequently, I will guide through the paces on how to donate any of your organs when you pass on. Finally, I will explore the benefits that you may draw from donating or receiving any organ.
  • The number of persons in need of the all-important organs from other persons is growing continually and one can serve the need easily upon his or death.

[Transition: Let me tell you the story of the mounting requirement for persons to donate organs.]

  1. BODY


  1. First main argument – Globally, including here in our locality, many people require organ transplants and view you as being of assistance to them.
  2. Need for action: The world is short of individuals willing to offer own organs (Collier and Haliburton 64).
  3. Problem description: Many people have malfunctioning organs and are in an urgent need for organ transplants.
  4. Problem effects: the waiting lists for those in urgent need for organ transplants are growing by the minute globally.
  5. Example: You can help those in urgent need for organ transplants by donating to them own organs safely.
  6. Importance of Problem: the donation of organs is rather important.
  7. Degree of problem: the people requiring organ transplants are spread across the world.
  8. Fact: There are millions of persons whose continued living is dependent on the generosity of organ donors.
  9. Example: Those waiting for matching organs, their families, and their friends undergo untold agony until the organs become available.

 [Transition: Everyone agrees that more and more people should volunteer to donate organs to match the mounting need?]


  1. Second main point – We need solutions that suffice the clear need for organ transplants: the process of donating an organ is rather simple.
  2. Solution description: Engage your family members on your resolution to donate an organ (U.S. House of Representatives 272).
  3. How solution fulfills the need: The family members will execute your desire for donating the organ when you pass on.
  4. Solution implementation: Your desire can only be actualized when the family members are aware about it.
  5. Action plan: write on your driver’s license that you have decided to donate an organ.
  6. First step: complete, authenticate by signing, and bear a clearly worded uniform donor card always.
  7. Second step: the card indicates the organs you intend to donate and provides for the family members to serve as witnesses of your intent.

[Transition: Isn’t it easy being the donor of an organ? What are the related benefits?]


  1. Third main point – Envisage results – the donation of organs has many benefits to recipients and donors and their loved ones.
  1. Anticipated results- Organ donors save lives: they are givers of life.
  2. Effects of inaction: when you do not donate an organ, a life is lost somewhere.

[Transition: It is evident that…]


  1. Brake light: The greatest gift you can offer to anyone is an organ.
  2. Summary: we have gone through the growing requirement for organ donors globally and locally, guided you on what you should do to donate an organ upon death, and the many benefits linked to organ donation.
  3. Binding the audience: What would be your thoughts if you were put on the organ waiting list? Would you find those volunteering to offer you the organ you will be need of comforting?
  4. Closing remark: Is it important for all of us to consider donating organs?

CALL TO ACTION: Share life by sharing that organ!

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