Movember Social Media Health Campaign Analysis

Movember health campaign

Movember is based in Australia, it is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2003 whose major aim is to help most men survive prostate cancer and live a better quality life free from prostate cancer, and this foundation has its campaign with men at the center of everything that they do (Eric and Ann, 2013). It is a charitable organization that has grown to a true global movement inspiring most people, more than one million towards its campaigns. It has its supporters across the world with its growth continuing with formal campaigns based in Australia. The supporters of the campaign are commonly referred to as the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (Garone, 2011). As mentioned earlier, their major goal among others include to create a campaign promoting the growth of the moustache among the like-minded people and to have fun along the way raising global awareness. They also fund survivorship initiatives that aim at providing information and support for the men and their respective families affected by prostate cancer, this support is aimed at helping these men make informed decisions that generally improves their life quality. They do prostate and testicular cancer research.

This campaign has its target individuals, mostly the victims of the prostate cancer, the men all other the world. The campaign however targets women too, the selfless women who are out to support men in the fight against prostate cancer. These women are known as the Mo Sistas in Australia. The campaign has its peak on the month of November, during this period; the individual men of all ages do register at the Movember website where these very registered men are challenged with the prospect of sprouting moustaches. The challenge goes on for a month thereby raising money for their efforts. Movember is responsible for the thousands of men’s moustaches that are on display throughout the month. It is stated on the Movember website that these men are afterwards regarded as talking and walking billboards for the 30 days of November. It is stated that more than 1.1 million individuals are inspired to participate in the Movember campaigns. These include both the men and women (Lynn, 2010).

The scope of the prostate cancer is well identified by the campaign.  The campaign movement raises awareness of the health problems men face, the prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men globally. The Movember foundation demonstrates clearly their vision on an everlasting impact on men’s health. They are aiming at accelerating global research towards the risks involved in men’s health focusing mainly on prostate cancer. Since one of the foundation’s main aims is to fund the research in to the prevention of prostate cancer tragedy, the organization set up its GAP Program. The program uses the funds created from its campaign to gather the best researchers from around the world to work together on key challenges that will enable the breakthroughs into the research that will benefit men with prostate cancer.

Geographically, the foundation is based in Australia but its impact goes all the way beyond the geographical boundaries of Australia. However, due to its huge expansion rate, the charity has changed and expanded its target of geographical audience to a global scale. Statistically, it has been tabulated that there exist more than 208,000 charities registered in the UK.

Demographically the campaign was originally during its formation was only targeting the young men of Australia. It is of great concerned that the foundation has experienced a tremendously high growth rate that has led to its demographic expansion to a global scale too. This goes far beyond just its founding country. There was a focus on the young men since the founders believed that this target audience would be the best and more willing to participate in the campaign and that their desire to make a difference in the world would have a great impact thereby encouraging others to also participate in the campaigns. Apart from the young men, other audiences for the campaign were the friends and families of cancer victims or survivors.


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