Multicultural Group Counseling – Sexual Minority Group With lesbians And Gays

What type of group do you think would be the most challenging to lead and why?

The most challenging multicultural group to lead in this case is sexual minority group with lesbians, and gays. The main reason for selecting this group is because the group experience a lot of problems both external and internal problems. The group is normally rejected in the society and may easily experience prejudice from members of the society. In this regard, most of them are traumatized by these experiences. They may also experience rejection in their own families and thus, they do not have refuge in their family. The group experiences deep condemnation from all corners including religious group where most discriminated group get refugee. In this regard, it is a group surrounded with a lot of controversies and issues and thus, sensitive group to represent in the society. The group is believed to go against majority cultural and religious believe and norms.

The best form of leadership to employ for this kind of group is caring leadership where the members will acquire emotional support, protection, and acceptance. This is because most individuals found in the group have experienced a great level of prejudice which makes them to feel rejected and worthless. They are normally treated as outcast in the society. Despite of the legalization of gay marriage, gay marriages have not been fully accepted in the society and thus, most of them still experiences prejudice at a certain level in the society. In this regard, they should get the life comfort they deserve from the group and their group leader. They should feel more secure and worthwhile while in the group. Thus the leader should ensure their fear is eliminated and their peace is restored (Jacobs et al., 2010, p. 25).

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