Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model Inputs And Outputs Discussion – Google Company

Please discuss the Environment, Resources and Organizational History and Strategy inputs in the context of Google Company. Be thorough, and be specific.

Inputs are defined as factors or aspects, which comprise of the materials that organizations need to work. Four types of inputs present a different set of materials to any given group (Nadler, Tushman, & Hatvany, n. d). The Google company is an expert in connecting web data posts messages and online searches through internet advertising. Consequently, the four inputs of the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model have positively impacted the Google Company, which has significantly influenced its growth and advancement.  Here are the functions of each input regarding the Google Company.

The Environment Input

Google Company dedicated to ensuring that the working environment and conditions in its supply chains and operations are safe; all employees treated with dignity and respect, and that every business process is environmentally Accountable, and conducted morally.

The Organizational resources Input

The Google Company has a diverse range of assets to which it has access to such as technology capital, information, its employees, and a positive organizational climate (Noviantoro, 2014). Therefore, Google Company can configure, shape, and deploy its resources for analysis purposes. 

The Organization’s History

It always assumed that its past events influence the growth and expansion of any organization. Consequently, the success of the Google Company can be inclined to its recent events as it has gone through major phases for its development over the years it has been in operation (Noviantoro, 2014). The phases that Google Company has undergone are the acts of behavior key materials in any core values, strategic decisions, and the norms of the Google Company.

The Strategy Input

The Google Company implements the strategy input so as to match its resources to its environment, and make the fundamental decision. The strategy input is significant for the analysis of the Google Company.

The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model recognizes “Outputs” as existing at the Individual, Group, and Organizational levels. Please discuss the Outputs – at all three levels -of Google. Be thorough and be specific.

The outputs of the organizational of the Google Company are its services, and its valuable service is the Google Search. Also, the other output comprises of the publishing and communication tools, map-related services development tools, desktop applications, advertising systems, mobile operating systems, and operating systems (Noviantoro, 2014). Additionally, the Google Company makes several hardware products and provides services, for instance, the Google’s Smartphone known as the Nexus S, which operates the Android, opens source mobile operating systems. Likewise, the Google Company has a Crisis Response, which is a public project that covers past and ongoing disasters. Conversely, the underlying earnings of the Google Company are from online advertising market.

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