New Employee Orientation and Training Plan

Assignment Instructions

Write a plan for the orientation and training of a new employee. The paper should be approximately 750 words in length and follow these directions:

  • Decide the position for your plan.
  • Find a real job description for this position (e.g., from your experience, the Internet, etc.).
  • Determine which information should be included in the orientation.
  • Create a separate section in your plan to discuss each concept included in the orientation.
  • Identify the training objectives for each section.
  • Prepare the training schedule.
  • In an opening section directed toward the supervisor, explain the supervisor’s role in the orientation and training process.

New Online Sales Manager Orientation and Training Plan

This orientation program will help a new employee in understanding the organization and establishing cultural expectations at company B. Precisely, the program will serve as a handbook for guiding company B’s human resource department on how to welcome a new sales manager into the organizational environment. The program will begin two weeks prior to the first day and end six months later.

Job description

The new employee will be responsible for hitting online sales targets and achieving growth. They will also design and implement strategic business plans to expand the company’s online customer base and guarantee its strong presence. Lastly, they will recruit, train, and coach online sales representatives.

Overview: Supervisor Responsibilities and Orientation goals for the next 6 months

Leading the team

The supervisor shall make sure that the new employee masters the team’s purpose, projects, priorities, work procedures, challenges as well as core competencies. The new sales manager will help team members in the completion of projects and begin mapping and monitoring the team’s direction.

Establish solid relationships

The supervisor shall ensure the new employee meets with other members of the organization both inside and outside the department. The employee will familiarize themselves with other people on a surface-level and understand the work they do. The supervisor will make sure that the meetings are much substantive and social.

Understanding the company

The new employee will familiarize themselves with the corporate structure, brand values, customers, business goals, and employees. They will understand what success entails and understand how each line of the business generates revenue, how the work process is getting improved, and what it takes to achieve better customer experiences.

Understanding the department

The supervisor will be responsible for the employee’s mastery of the department measures of success, its structure, its priorities, as well as the business plan. They will also appreciate the personal attributes and behaviors that are valued most in employees.

Two weeks prior to day one

The HR department shall ensure that the employee has been allocated with a computer, a desk, work space, and all appropriate equipment and materials. The HR team shall submit request for the employee’s network accounts to the OCIO service desk. The company will also prepare the employee’s ID and transportation logistics.

Just before day one

The Hiring department shall maintain an open communication channel with the new sales manager. It will provide contact information and discuss the expectations of the initial period of employment as well as the necessary probation requirements. Manuals, procedures and policies for use in the first day will be prepared and other employees shall be notified about the new employee.

Day one

The team leader of the hiring team shall personally great the employee and introduce them to his colleagues, the department, their job, as well as critical procedures and policies. By help of the hiring team, the new employee shall familiarize with themselves to the strategic roles and function of corporate Services Payroll and strategic Human Resource. They will review emergency evacuation procedures, policies and general organizational company norms.

The company shall assign the new sales manager with a mentor who will be responsible for guiding the employee and answering their questions and resolving concerns.

The first week

The supervisor shall ensure successful orientation of the employee into the organization’s work environment. The new sales manager will establish a foundation in the development of valuable working relationships. They will discuss the vision, mission, overall goals, and become proficient in regard to the organizational structure. The supervisor will make sure that the new employee reviews probationary terms, job expectations, and occupational health and safety policies.

Within two weeks

The new employee shall get acquainted with department procedure, policies and overall job expectations. They will review an online employee hand book (New-Found-land Labrador, 2017) as recommended by Saari& Judge (2004, p.395-407).

Within six weeks

The new sales manager shall review crucial government-wide information and set initial goals.

Within three months

The supervisor, along with the hiring team, shall help the employee in laying out an individual learning plan. They will also check the progress of the employee and provide feedback.

Six months

The employee’s progress shall be monitored and feedback collected.

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